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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


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Public Meeting on Gluten-Free Food Labeling - Text Version of PowerPoint Presentation by Lee Tobin

Public Meeting: Gluten-Free Labeling main page


Slide 1 - FDA Gluten-Free Labeling Public Meeting

Compiled by: Jill A. Kuzo, Food Scientist
Presenter: Lee Tobin, Team Leader

August 19, 2005

photo - Whole Foods GlutenFree Bakehouse logo

Slide 2 - Reasons to Define “Gluten Free”

1. Consumer confidence

  • Truly GF ingredients

  • Gluten contamination

2. Direct brand comparison

  • Equality of GF products

  • Safety of GF products

3. Standards set by FDA will directly impact our production

Slide 3 - Methods of Ensuring “Gluten Free” Status

  • With supplier statements

  • By testable limits

  • By facility dedication

  • Through certification

Slide 4 - Partnerships with Ingredient Suppliers

  • Educate Ingredient Suppliers and Manufacturers

    • Research ingredient sources for hidden gluten
    • Identify points of possible contamination
    • Identify precautionary measures: dedicated runs, lines, equipment
  • Gather statements

    • No artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors
    • Ingredient is free of gluten content or contamination
  • Lot tracking

Slide 5 - Ideal GF Ingredients

Crops grown in GF fields -> Crops harvested with GF equipment -> Stored in GF silos -> Transported in GF trucks -> Milled in GF Environment -> Packaged in GF environment -> Tested for contamination -> To bakery

Slide 6 - Testing for Gluten

  • BioKits Rapid GLUTEN Test (Tepnel Biosystems)

    • Qualitative detection of gliadin
    • Detects gluten from wheat, triticale, rye, and barley
  • Testing limitations

    • Screens for significant levels (above 50 ppm)
    • Particulates can obscure results
  • Points to test for gluten

    • Each lot of incoming ingredients
    • Random sampling of finished products

Slide 7 - Defining Dedication

Dedicated Run (bottom)
Dedicated Equipment
Dedicated Line
Dedicated Facility (top)

Decision made on eliminating risks of contamination
*each higher degree of dedication eliminates more points of contamination

Slide 8 - Cross Contamination

  • Facility team members

    • Uniforms supplied
    • Thorough cleaning
    • Taking breaks
    • Other allergens
  • Store team members

    • Thorough cleaning
    • Sampling procedures
    • Other allergens

Slide 9 - Setting Labeling Standards

  • Consumer Needs

    • Standards for Safety
    • Consistency in Definitions
    • Reasonable Cost
  • Manufacturer Needs

    • Feasibility of Standards
    • Fair comparison between products
    • Reasonable Cost