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Correction Sheets for Transcript of FDA's August 19, 2005 Public Meeting on Gluten-Free Food Labeling

Please note that the page and line number references in this errata sheet correspond to the official printed version of the transcript. The page and line number of text in the electronic version does not match the page and line number of the same text in the official printed transcript.

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The following changes in the transcript are submitted:

Page 3, line 31:
Correction: Jill Kuzo

Page 8, line 4:
Correction: I want the speakers to be aware that as you

Page 11, line 16:
Correction: Ms. Kane:...

Page 14, line 19:
Correction: analytical methods; foods marketed as gluten-free; and,

Page 18, line 6:
Correction: effectiveness of the test kit or method itself

Page 21, line 9:
Correction: FDA's Division of Dockets Management, or to that

Page 22, line 9:
Correction: going into lengthy introductions.

Page 47, line 4:
Correction: Association, represents the wheat, corn and oat

Page 52, line 9:
Correction: pockets, allowing the drum to remove them from the

Page 100, line 4:
Correction: Ms. Kane:...

Page 102, lines 8 & 21:
Correction: Ms. Kane:...

Page 109, line 13:
Correction: that we get that only does corn can come from

Page 118, line 18:
Correction: coats. We also have signage throughout the facility to

Page 126, line 19:
Correction: McCann's oats hypothetically has been touted as

Page 127, line 3:
Correction: gluten-free supplier because the controversy is

Page 130, lines 7 & 22:
Correction: Ms. Kane:...

Page 130, line 17:
Correction: potato starch, bean flours, quinoa flour and

Page 131, lines 8 & 22:
Correction: Ms. Kane:...

Page 134:, line 14:
Correction: public comment period this afternoon, if you would

Page 137, line 7:
Correction: come across this term prolamins, and gliadins and

Page 152, line 21:
Correction: Ms. Kane:...

Page 153, lines 14, 17 & 20:
Correction: Ms. Kane:...

Page 154, lines 1 & 8:
Correction: Ms. Kane:...

Page 155, lines 9, , & 18:
Correction: Ms. Kane:...

Page 169, lines 11 & 19:
Correction: Ms. Kane:...

Page 170, lines 4, 8, 13 & 19:
Correction: Ms. Kane:...

Page 171, line 12:
Correction: official reference material organizations, and it is

Page 176, line 15:
Correction: published in the Journal of AOAC recently, in 2004,

Page 185, line 21:
Correction: this information. We don't. All of us who have

Page 201, line 19:
Correction: Ms. Kane:...

Page 202, line 21:
Correction: Ms. Kane:...

Page 203, line 9:
Correction: Ms. Kane:...

Page 213, line 11:
Correction: Ms. Kane:...

Page 214, lines 1 & 16:
Correction: Ms. Kane:...

Page 222, line 11:
Correction: concern of does that make one head of broccoli safer

Page 223, line 14:
Correction: What is triticale? And, where does quinoa fall into

Page 230, line 14:
Correction: that is an issue. From work that was done by Collin

Page 231, line 15:
Correction: Ms. Kane:...

Page 232, lines 4, 8, 13, & 19:
Correction: Ms. Kane:...

Page 234, line 19:
Correction: Ms. Kane:...

Page 234, line 21:
Correction: by the way it is worded, would that help? And, do

Page 235, line 20:
Correction: Ms. Kane:...

Page 237, line 15:
Correction: higher fiber grains-oats, quinoa, buckwheat,

Page 248, line 7:
Correction: hoping to so some studies with Collin to compare the

Page 251, line 13:
Correction: please see Jeanne Latham. Jeanne is right back here

Page 251, line 15:
Correction: today, please see Loretta Carry. Loretta is

Page 268, line 17:
Correction: Cynthia Kupper, the Executive Director for

Page 279, line 15:
Correction: alternative grains like buckwheat and quinoa seems

Page 280, line 18:
Correction: gluten-free. Dextrin can be derived from several

Page 280, line 20:
Correction: labeled gluten-free wouldn't contain dextrin

Page 280, line 21:
Correction: derived from wheat. Maltodextrin, on the other

Page 281, line 3:
Correction: contain wheat but it will be wheat maltodextrin or

Page 281, line 4:
Correction: maltodextrin, wheat.

Page 289, line 21:
Correction: Ms. Kuzo:...

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