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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


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FDA Food Safety Modernization Act: Focus on Inspections and Compliance Provisions; Public Meeting



A public meeting, "FDA Food Safety Modernization Act: Focus on Inspections and Compliance Provisions," was held on Monday, June 6, 2011 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET. at the FDA White Oak Campus, The Great Room, Building 31, Room 1503, 10903 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring MD 20993. It is the third public meeting FDA has held on the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). This meeting is sponsored by the Food and Drug Administration’s Food Program. The previous meetings, held on March 29 and April 20, 2011, focused on the import and preventive controls provisions under FSMA. The Federal Register notice announcing this meeting published May 26th, 2011. 


The purpose of this public meeting is to provide interested persons an opportunity to discuss implementation of the inspections and compliance provisions of the recently enacted FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). The public had an opportunity to provide information and share views that will inform the development of guidance and regulations and/or the implementation of: Enforcement Authorities; Frequency and Targeting of Facility Inspections; Manner of Inspection in a Preventive Controls Environment; and Enhancement of the Reportable Food Registry (RFR). 

Agenda (PDF 50KB) 

Archived Webcast Links

Chapter NameArchived Webcast Link
Public Meeting: FDA Food Safety Modernization Act -- Focus on Inspections and Compliancehttp://fda.yorkcast.com/webcast/Viewer/?peid=33fa718824bc42c2a59db2d8727a334f1d
Formal Opening Session - Moderator: Roberta Wagnerhttp://fda.yorkcast.com/webcast/Viewer/?peid=33fa718824bc42c2a59db2d8727a334f1d&playfrom=6000
Michael Taylor, J.D., Deputy Commissioner for Foodshttp://fda.yorkcast.com/webcast/Viewer/?peid=33fa718824bc42c2a59db2d8727a334f1d&playfrom=631000
FDA Presentation of FSMA - Howard Sklamberg, J.D., Vice Chair, Inspections and Compliance Implementation Teamhttp://fda.yorkcast.com/webcast/Viewer/?peid=33fa718824bc42c2a59db2d8727a334f1d&playfrom=1371000
Barbara Cassens, Chair, Inspections and Compliance Implementation Teamhttp://fda.yorkcast.com/webcast/Viewer/?peid=33fa718824bc42c2a59db2d8727a334f1d&playfrom=2371000
Open Public and Webcast Comment Sessionhttp://fda.yorkcast.com/webcast/Viewer/?peid=33fa718824bc42c2a59db2d8727a334f1d&playfrom=3111000
Breakout Session: Frequency and Targeting of Facility Inspectionshttp://fda.yorkcast.com/webcast/Viewer/?peid=33fa718824bc42c2a59db2d8727a334f1d&playfrom=5451000
Breakout Session: Enforcement Authoritieshttp://fda.yorkcast.com/webcast/Viewer/?peid=33fa718824bc42c2a59db2d8727a334f1d&playfrom=9649000
Breakout Session: Manner of Inspection in a Preventive Controls Environmenthttp://fda.yorkcast.com/webcast/Viewer/?peid=33fa718824bc42c2a59db2d8727a334f1d&playfrom=14207000
Listening Session: Focus on Inspections and Compliancehttp://fda.yorkcast.com/webcast/Viewer/?peid=33fa718824bc42c2a59db2d8727a334f1d&playfrom=18178000
Stakeholder Perspectiveshttp://fda.yorkcast.com/webcast/Viewer/?peid=33fa718824bc42c2a59db2d8727a334f1d&playfrom=18325000
Exchange with FDAhttp://fda.yorkcast.com/webcast/Viewer/?peid=33fa718824bc42c2a59db2d8727a334f1d&playfrom=21183000
Wrap Up and Next Stepshttp://fda.yorkcast.com/webcast/Viewer/?peid=33fa718824bc42c2a59db2d8727a334f1d&playfrom=22493000