Total Diet Study - TDS Food/Analyte Matrix


The Food/Analyte Matrix below lists the foods analyzed in the TDS. (This matrix is also available as a tab-delimited text file.) Foods numbered 1 through 382 comprise the primary list of TDS foods. Other infant/toddler foods (food # 700 and higher) were added to increase monitoring of children's exposure to pesticide residues and lead.

Note that the information on this website reflects two versions of the food list - the first compiled in 1990 and the second updated in 2003. The two columns on the left of the matrix indicate whether a food is included in one or both versions of the food list.

Following is a general summary of the analyses performed in the TDS. The matrix identifies specific foods that are analyzed for pesticide residues, VOCs, mercury, radionuclides, and folate.

Summary of Analyses Performed in the TDS
Analyte Type *TDS foods # 1-382Additional baby foods - # 700+
Pesticide residuesSelected foods (refer to matrix)All foods
VOCsSelected foods (refer to matrix) 
MercurySelected foods (refer to matrix) 
Other toxic elementsAll foodsLead only – all foods
Nutrient elements
All foodsIodine only – all foods
RadionuclidesAll foods 

* Refer to the list of analytes for information about specific analytes measured in the TDS.

Abbreviations for the food categories listed in the food/analyte matrix are:

  • B: beverage
  • BF: baby food
  • D: dairy product
  • E: egg
  • F: fruits and fruit juice
  • G: grain product
  • L: legume
  • MPF: meat, poultry, fish
  • M: mixture
  • O: oil/fat
  • S: sweet
  • V: vegetable

Abbreviations for the analytes listed in the food/analyte matrix are:

  • MRMs: multi-residue methods for pesticides
  • CPA: chlorophenoxy acids
  • Phen: phenylureas
  • Carb: carbamates
  • ETU: ethylenethiourea
  • Benz: benzimidazoles
  • VOC: volatile organic compound
D001Milk, whole, fluid    
D002Milk, lowfat (2%), fluid     
D003Milk, chocolate, lowfat, fluid       
D004Milk, skim, fluid       
 D006Yogurt, plain, low-fat       
D007Milk shake, chocolate, fast-food       
 D008Evaporated milk, canned       
D010Cheese, American, processed      
 D011Cottage cheese, creamed, 4% milk fat       
D012Cheese, cheddar, natural (sharp/mild)      
MPF013Beef, ground, regular, pan-cooked      
MPF014Beef roast, chuck, oven-roasted      
 MPF016Beef (loin/sirloin) steak, pan cooked with added fat       
MPF017Ham, cured (not canned), baked       
MPF018Pork chop, pan-cooked w/ oil       
MPF019Pork sausage, pan-cooked       
MPF020Pork bacon, pan-cooked      
MPF021Pork roast, loin, oven-roasted       
MPF022Lamb chop, pan-cooked w/ oil       
 MPF024Chicken, drumsticks and breasts, breaded and fried, homemade      
MPF026Turkey breast, oven-roasted      
MPF027Liver (beef/calf), pan-cooked w/ oil      
MPF028Frankfurter (beef/pork), boiled      
MPF029Bologna (beef/pork)      
MPF030Salami, luncheon-meat type (not hard)      
 MPF032Tuna, canned in oil, drained     
MPF034Fish sticks or patty, frozen, oven-cooked     
E035Eggs, scrambled w/ oil     
 E036Eggs, fried with added fat      
E037Eggs, boiled      
L038Pinto beans, dry, boiled    
L039Pork and beans, canned       
V042Lima beans, immature, frozen, boiled    
V046Peas, green, fresh/frozen, boiled     
L047Peanut butter, smooth      
L048Peanuts, dry roasted, salted       
G050Rice, white, enriched, cooked  
G051Oatmeal, plain, cooked  
G052Cream of wheat (farina), enriched, cooked     
G053Corn/hominy grits, enriched, cooked   
V054Corn, fresh/frozen, boiled   
 V055Corn, canned   
 V056Corn, cream style, canned    
 G057Popcorn, popped in oil     
G058Bread, white, enriched   
 G059Rolls, white, soft, enriched       
G060Cornbread, homemade       
G061Biscuits, refrigerated-type, baked       
G062Bread, whole wheat     
G063Tortilla, flour       
G064Bread, rye      
G065Muffin, blueberry      
G066Crackers, saltine       
G067Corn/tortilla chips      
 G068Pancakes made from mix with addition of egg, milk, and oil       
G069Noodles, egg, enriched, boiled       
 G070Macaroni, enriched, cooked       
G071Corn flakes cereal      
G072Fruit-flavored sweetened cereal    
G073Shredded wheat cereal    
G074Raisin bran cereal    
G075Crisped rice cereal    
G076Granola w/ raisins      
G077Oat ring cereal     
F078Apple (red), raw (w/ peel)  
F079Orange (navel/Valencia), raw    
F080Banana, raw  
F081Watermelon, raw/frozen    
F083Peach, raw/frozen   
F084Applesauce, bottled   
F085Pear, raw (w/ peel)   
F086Strawberries, raw/frozen    
F087Fruit cocktail, canned in light syrup    
F088Grapes (red/green), raw   
F089Cantaloupe, raw/frozen     
 F091Plums, purple, raw    
F092Grapefruit, raw     
F093Pineapple, canned in juice    
 F094Cherries, sweet, raw    
 F096Prunes, dried, uncooked   
F097Avocado, raw     
F098Orange juice, frozen conc, reconstituted   
F099Apple juice, bottled  
F100Grapefruit juice, bottled     
F103Prune juice, bottled    
B105Lemonade, frozen conc, reconstituted     
V107Spinach, fresh/frozen, boiled   
V108Collards, fresh/frozen, boiled    
V109Lettuce, iceberg, raw     
V110Cabbage, fresh, boiled    
 V111Coleslaw with dressing, homemade      
 V112Sauerkraut, canned       
V113Broccoli, fresh/frozen, boiled    
V114Celery, raw    
V115Asparagus, fresh/frozen, boiled     
V116Cauliflower, fresh/frozen, boiled   
V117Tomato, raw  
V119Tomato sauce, plain, bottled    
V121Green beans, fresh/frozen, boiled   
 V122Green beans, canned    
V123Cucumber, peeled, raw    
V124Summer squash, fresh/frozen, boiled    
V125Pepper, sweet, green, raw    
V126Squash, winter (Hubbard or acorn), fresh/frozen, boiled    
V128Onion, mature, raw     
 V131Beets, canned      
 V132Radish, raw      
 V134French fries, frozen, commercial, heated      
 V135Mashed potatoes with margarine and milk, prepared from instant      
V136Potato, boiled (w/out peel)   
V137Potato, baked (w/ peel)   
V138Potato chips      
 V139Scalloped potatoes, homemade       
 V140Sweet potato, fresh, baked in skin    
M142Spaghetti w/ meat sauce, homemade       
 M143Beef and vegetable stew, homemade       
 M145Chili con carne w/ beans, canned       
M146Macaroni and cheese, prepared from box mix       
M147Quarter-pound hamburger on bun, fast-food      
M148Meatloaf, beef, homemade      
 M149Spaghetti in tomato sauce, canned       
 M151Lasagna with meat, homemade       
M152Chicken potpie, frozen, heated       
M155Soup, chicken noodle, canned, cond, prep w/ water       
M156Soup, tomato, canned, cond, prep w/ water    
M157Soup, vegetable beef, canned, cond, prep w/ water     
 O160White sauce homemade       
V161Dill cucumber pickles    
O162Margarine, regular (not lowfat), salted      
D164Butter, regular (not lowfat), salted      
O166Mayonnaise, regular, bottled       
D167Cream, half & half       
D168Cream substitute, non-dairy, liquid       
S169Sugar, white, granulated       
S170Syrup, pancake       
V173Tomato catsup    
 D175Chocolate pudding, from instant mix       
D177Ice cream, light, vanilla     
G178Cake, chocolate w/ icing      
 G179Yellow cake with white icing, prepared from cake and icing mixes       
G182Sweet roll/Danish pastry      
G183Chocolate chip cookies      
G184Sandwich cookies w/ crème filling      
G185Pie, apple, fresh/frozen      
G186Pie, pumpkin, fresh/frozen       
S187Candy bar, milk chocolate, plain      
 S188Candy, caramels      
S190Gelatin dessert, any flavor       
B191Carbonated beverage, cola, regular      
B193Fruit drink, from powder      
B194Carbonated beverage, cola, low-calorie      
 B196Coffee, decaffeinated, from instant     
B197Tea, from tea bag       
B199Wine, dry table, red/ white    
BF202BF, Infant formula, milk-based, high iron, RTF     
BF203BF, Infant formula, milk-based, low iron, RTF    
BF205BF, beef and broth/gravy      
BF207BF, chicken and broth/gravy      
 BF208BF, high meat, chicken and veg        
 BF209BF, high meat, beef and veg        
 BF210BF, high meat, ham and veg        
BF211BF, vegetables and beef    
BF212BF, vegetables and chicken     
BF213BF, vegetables and ham     
BF214BF, chicken noodle dinner       
BF215BF, macaroni, tomato and beef    
BF216BF, turkey and rice    
BF218BF, carrots  
BF219BF, green beans   
BF220BF, mixed vegetables   
BF221BF, sweet potatoes     
 BF222BF, creamed corn     
BF223BF, peas     
 BF224BF, creamed spinach    
BF225BF, applesauce   
BF226BF, peaches   
BF227BF, pears  
BF230BF, juice, apple 
BF231BF, juice, orange     
BF232BF, custard/pudding       
BF233BF, fruit dessert/pudding      
D235Yogurt, lowfat, fruit-flavored       
D236Cheese, Swiss, natural      
D237Cream cheese      
 MPF238Veal cutlet, pan-cooked       
MPF239Luncheon meat, ham       
MPF240Chicken breast, oven-roasted (skin removed)      
MPF241Chicken nuggets, fast-food     
 MPF242Chicken, fried (breast, leg, and thigh), fast-food     
MPF244Shrimp, boiled      
 L245Kidney beans, dry, boiled       
 L246Peas, mature, dry, boiled       
 L247Mixed nuts, no peanuts, dry roasted      
G248Bread, cracked wheat     
G249Bagel, plain, toasted       
G250English muffin, plain, toasted       
G251Graham, crackers      
G252Crackers, butter-type      
 F253Apricot, raw     
F254Peach, canned in light/medium syrup   
F255Pear, canned in light syrup   
F256Pineapple juice, frozen conc, reconstituted    
F257Grape juice, frozen conc, reconstituted   
V258French-fries, fast-food      
V259Carrot, fresh, peeled, boiled   
 V260Tomato, stewed, canned    
V261Tomato juice, bottled    
 V262Beets, fresh/frozen, boiled    
V263Brussels sprouts, fresh/frozen, boiled     
V264Mushrooms, raw     
V265Eggplant, fresh, peeled, boiled    
V266Turnip, fresh/frozen, boiled     
V267Okra, fresh/frozen, boiled      
V268Mixed vegetables, frozen, boiled   
M269Beef stroganoff w/ noodles, homemade       
 M270Green peppers stuffed with beef and rice, homemade       
 M271Chili con carne with beans, homemade       
M272Tuna noodle casserole, homemade      
 M273Frozen meal-salisbury steak with gravy, potatoes, and vegetables, heated       
 M274Frozen meal-turkey with gravy, dressing, potatoes, and vegetable, heated       
M275Quarter-pound cheeseburger on bun, fast-food      
M276Fish sandwich on bun, fast-food      
 M277Frankfurter on bun, fast-food       
M278Egg, cheese, and ham on English muffin, fast-food       
M279Taco/tostada w/ beef and cheese, from Mexican carry-out      
 M280Cheese pizza, regular crust, from pizza carry-out      
M281Pizza, cheese and pepperoni, regular crust, from pizza carry-out      
 M282Beef chow mein, from Chinese carry-out      
M283Soup, bean w/ bacon/pork, canned, cond, prep w/ water       
 M284Mushroom soup, canned, condensed, prepared with whole milk     
M285Clam chowder, New England, canned, cond, prep w/ whl milk      
D286Ice cream, regular (not lowfat), vanilla      
D287Sherbet, fruit-flavored      
B288Popsicle, fruit-flavored     
 G289Chocolate snack cake with chocolate icing (e.g., Ding Dongs)      
G290Doughnut, cake-type, any flavor, from donut store      
G292Sugar cookies      
S293Candy, hard, any flavor      
G294Pretzels, hard, salted       
S295Syrup, chocolate       
S296Jelly, any flavor    
 V297Sweet cucumber pickles     
V298Mustard, yellow, plain       
V299Black olives       
D300Sour cream      
 M301Brown gravy, homemade       
 O302French salad dressing, regular       
 O303Italian salad dressing, low-calorie       
 O304Olive/safflower oil      
B305Coffee, from ground      
B306Carbonated beverage, fruit-flavored, regular     
B307Fruit drink (10% juice), canned or bottled     
BF309BF, Infant formula, soy-based, RTF    
 BF310BF, egg yolk, strained      
 BF311BF, cereal, rice, instant, prepared with whole milk    
 BF312BF, cereal, rice, strained     
BF313BF, bananas  
 BF314BF, beets    
 BF316BF, split peas w/ ham       
BF317BF, teething biscuits       
MPF318Salmon, steaks/fillets, baked      
 BF319BF, cereal, rice w/apples    
BF320BF, squash    
 BF323BF, cereal, oatmeal, dry, prep w/ water    
 BF324BF, cereal, rice, dry, prep w/ water   
 BF325BF, cereal, rice w/apples, dry, prep w/ water 
 BF326BF, veal and broth/gravy      
 BF327BF, lamb and broth/gravy      
 BF328BF, turkey and broth/gravy      
 D331Meal replacement, liquid RTD, any flavor       
 D332Cottage cheese, cream, lowfat (2% milk fat)       
 D333Sour cream dip, any flavor      
 MPF334Beef steak, loin/sirloin, broiled       
 MPF335Luncheon meat (chicken/turkey)       
 MPF336Chicken breast, fried, fast-food (w/ skin)     
 MPF337Chicken thigh, oven-roasted (skin removed)      
 MPF338Chicken leg, fried, fast-food (w/ skin)     
 MPF339Catfish, pan-cooked w/ oil     
 MPF340Tuna, canned in water, drained     
 L341Refried beans, canned       
 L342White beans, dry, boiled    
 L343Sunflower seeds (shelled), roasted, salted      
 G344Pancakes, frozen, heated       
 G345Breakfast tart/toaster pastry      
 G346Macaroni salad, from grocery/deli      
 G347Spaghetti, enriched, boiled       
 F348Apricots, canned in heavy/light syrup    
 F350Fruit juice blend (100% juice), canned/bottled  
 F351Cranberry juice cocktail, canned/bottled   
 F352Orange juice, bottled/carton    
 V353Potato salad, mayonnaise-type, from grocery/deli      
 V354Potatoes, mashed, prepared from fresh       
 V355Coleslaw, mayonnaise-type, from grocery/deli      
 V356Carrot, baby, raw   
 V357Lettuce, leaf, raw     
 V358Sweet potatoes, canned      
 V359Tomato salsa, bottled    
 M360Stew, beef and vegetable, canned       
 M361Lasagna w/ meat, frozen, heated       
 M362Beef w/ vegetables in sauce, from Chinese carry-out      
 M363Chicken w/ vegetables in sauce, from Chinese carry-out       
 M364Fried rice, meatless, from Chinese carry-out     
 M365Burrito w/ beef, beans and cheese, from Mexican carry-out      
 M366Chicken filet (broiled) sandwich on bun, fast-food      
 M367Soup, Oriental noodles (ramen noodles), prep w/ water       
 D368Pudding, ready-to-eat, flavor other than chocolate       
 G369Cake, white w/ icing       
 G370Granola bar, w/ raisins      
 S371Candy bar, chocolate, nougat, and nuts      
 G372Popcorn, microwave, butter-flavored     
 S373Sweet & sour sauce       
 M374Brown gravy, canned or bottled       
 O375Salad dressing, creamy/buttermilk type, regular       
 O376Salad dressing, creamy/buttermilk type, low-calorie      
 O377Salad dressing, Italian, regular       
 O378Olive oil      
 O379Vegetable oil      
 B380Bottled drinking water (mineral/spring), not carbonated or flavored    
 B381Coffee, decaffeinated, from ground      
 B382Tea, decaffeinated, from tea bag      
BF700BF, cereal, barley, dry, prep w/ water      
BF701BF, cereal, mixed, dry, prep w/ water       
BF703BF, juice, apple-banana   
BF704BF, juice, apple-cherry   
BF705BF, juice, apple-grape   
 BF706BF, juice, apple-peach   
 BF708BF, juice, apple-plum   
 BF709BF, ,juice, apple-prune    
BF710BF, juice, mixed fruit   
BF711BF, juice, pear   
BF712BF, juice, grape   
BF713BF, pears and pineapple   
BF714BF, plums/prunes w/apples or pears   
BF715BF, bananas and pineapple   
BF716BF, apple/applesauce w/ apricots   
BF717BF, apricots w/ mixed fruit    
 BF718BF, squash    
BF719BF, banana dessert   
BF720BF, peach cobbler/dessert   
BF721BF, fruit yogurt dessert   
BF722BF, dutch apple/apple cobbler   
BF723BF, arrowroot cookies       
BF724BF, zweiback toast       
 BF725BF, cereal, oatmeal w/ fruit, prep w/ water   
 BF726BF, chicken w/ rice    
 BF727BF, beef and noodles/beef stroganoff        
 BF728BF, vegetables and turkey   
 BF729BF, macaroni and cheese        
 BF730BF, apples with berries   
 BF731BF, apples with fruit other than berries   

*Previously Office of Plant and Dairy Foods.
This document was originally issued April 2001, and updated June 2003, September 2004, September 2005, August 2006, March 2007 and July 2008.

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