Total Diet Study - Analytes & Analytical Methods

April 2001; Updated July 2008

CFSAN/Office of Analytics and Outreach

The following analytes are measured in some or all of the foods in the current TDS program. The links in the table below will display a list of specific compounds included in the TDS in that class of chemicals.

The last column in the table below indicates the market baskets (MBs) since 1991 in which the analyses were conducted. The MB number (e.g., 92-2) indicates the fiscal year and the specific collection (1 through 4) for that year.

Refer to the food/analyte matrix to determine which TDS foods are analyzed for each analyte group.

Analyte GroupAnalyteMethodMBs included
chlorophenoxy acids and pentachlorophenolKCP-5all
organosulfur (propargite)KCP-2all
EBDCs and ethylenethioureaKCP-8all
substituted ureasKCP-6all
benomyl, carbendazim (MBC), and thiabendazoleKCP-9since MB 92-2
industrial chemicalspolychlorinated biphenylsKCP-1,2all
volatile organic compounds (VOCs)KCP-10since MB 95-3
elementsarsenicKan-Lab-Met.99 and Kan-Lab-Met.96all
cadmiumKan-Lab-Met.97 and Kan-Lab-Met.93all
calciumKan-Lab-Met.99 and Kan-Lab-Met.92all
copperKan-Lab-Met.99 and Kan-Lab-Met.92all
ironKan-Lab-Met.99 and Kan-Lab-Met.92all
iodineKan-Lab-Met.95all since MB 03-4
leadKan-Lab-Met.97 and Kan-Lab-Met.93all
magnesiumKan-Lab-Met.99 and Kan-Lab-Met.92all
manganeseKan-Lab-Met.99 and Kan-Lab-Met.92all
nickelKan-Lab-Met.97 and Kan-Lab-Met.93all since MB 96-3
phosphorusKan-Lab-Met.99 and Kan-Lab-Met.92all
potassiumKan-Lab-Met.99 and Kan-Lab-Met.92all
seleniumKan-Lab-Met.99 and Kan-Lab-Met.96all
sodiumKan-Lab-Met.99 and Kan-Lab-Met.92all
zincKan-Lab-Met.99 and Kan-Lab-Met.92all
radionuclidesamericium-241WEAC.RN.METHOD.3.0at least 1 MB each FY
barium-140WEAC.RN.METHOD.3.0at least 1 MB each FY
cesium-134WEAC.RN.METHOD.3.0at least 1 MB each FY
cesium-137WEAC.RN.METHOD.3.0at least 1 MB each FY
cobalt-60WEAC.RN.METHOD.3.0at least 1 MB each FY
iodine-131WEAC.RN.METHOD.3.0at least 1 MB each FY
lanthanum-140WEAC.RN.METHOD.3.0at least 1 MB each FY
potassium-40WEAC.RN.METHOD.3.0at least 1 MB each FY
radium-226WEAC.RN.METHOD.3.0at least 1 MB each FY
ruthenium-103WEAC.RN.METHOD.3.0at least 1 MB each FY
ruthenium-106WEAC.RN.METHOD.3.0at least 1 MB each FY
strontium-90WEAC.RN.METHOD.2.0at least 1 MB each FY
thorium-232WEAC.RN.METHOD.3.0at least 1 MB each FY
othermoistureKAN-LAB.151at least 1 MB each FY

This document was originally issued April 2001, and updated June 2003, September 2004, September 2005, August 2006, March 2007 and July 2008.

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