Total Diet Study - Structure of Radionuclide Analysis Files

CFSAN/Office of Analytics and Outreach

April 20, 2001; Updated June 2003 and December 2006

Note: Only records for analysis type "O" (original) should be used when reviewing or using the analytical results. All other records are quality control data samples.

Field OrderField NameField Description
1MBTotal Diet Study market basket designation represented by a 3-digit number. The first 2 digits indicate the US government's fiscal year in which the market basket was collected and the 3rd digit is the sequence collected within the fiscal year.
2Food NoNumber designation of a Total Diet Study food. For reference materials (Anal Type equals W) field contains an abbreviation of the material's name. For all other types of records (Anal Type equals B) field contains '---'.
3Sample DescriptionName of the Total Diet Study food, name of the reference material, or term describing a control blank.
4Anal TypeAnalysis type.
  • O = Total Diet Study food original analysis
  • D = Total Diet Study food replicate analysis
  • B = Control blank analysis
  • W = Reference material analysis
5RadionuclideFull name of the radionuclide determined.
6ConcConcentration of radionuclide in analytical sample except true value of radionuclide for Anal Type equals W.
7UnitUnit of value in Conc, Uncert, and Rep Limit fields.
8UncertUncertainty (two-sigma level) at about 95% confidence.
9Rep LimitReporting Limit. For strontium-90 reporting limit equals average limit of detection, 0.1 Bg/kg. For gamma-ray emitting radionuclides, the reporting limit equals the upper limit of the limits of detection for the ranges of foods and detection equipment used.
10Recov (%)Percent recovery of radionuclide for Anal Type equals W.
11MethodReference to document describing analytical method.
12InstrumentAbbreviation of analytical instrument used to determine element.
  • Gamma = Gamma-ray spectrometry (suffix may be present to indicate lab's detector number)
  • Beta = Beta-particle spectrometry
  • Alpha = Alpha-particle spectrometry


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