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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


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Total Diet Study - Structure of Elemental Analyses Files

CFSAN/Office of Food Safety*
July 1999; Updated June 2003; September 2004 and January 2011.

Note: Only records for analysis type "O" (original) should be used when reviewing or using the analytical results. All other records (analysis type "Q") are quality control results.

Field OrderField NameField Description
1MBTotal Diet Study market basket designation represented by a 6-digit number. The first 4 digits indicate the fiscal year and the last 2 digits indicate the specific market basket (01 through 04) in which the sample was collected.
2Food NoNumber designation of a Total Diet Study food. Field is blank for samples that are not Total Diet Study foods.
3Food NameName of the Total Diet Study food. Field is blank for samples that are not Total Diet Study foods.
4Anal TypeAnalysis type.
  • O = original analysis
  • Q = quality control analysis
5Sample QualifierCodes used to provide additional definition of the type of sample.
  • RAP = Replicate analytical portion
  • UAP = Unfortified analytical portion
  • FAP = Fortified analytical portion
  • FAS = Fortified analytical solution
  • MBK = Method blank
  • FMB = Fortified method blank
  • RM = Reference material
  • OTH = Undefined sample qualifier not listed.
6Replicate #Indicates replicate number if more than one analysis performed.
7ElementFull name of the element determined.
8ConcConcentration of the element found in the original sample analysis (Anal Type = O).
9UnitUnit of the value reported in Conc, LOD, and LOQ fields.
10TraceContains 'TR' if the value in Conc field is greater than or equal to the limit of detection and less than the limit of quantification.
11LODLimit of detection.
12LOQLimit of quantification.
13Reference MaterialCode for reference material when Sample Qualifier = RM.
14QC LevelConcentration of the element found in the quality control analysis (Anal Type = Q).
15QC unitUnit of the value reported in QC Level field.
16QC% RecvdPercent recovery of element associated with quality control analysis (Anal Type = Q) if applicable.
17Result Qualifier and RemarksResult qualifier and any associated remark.
  • BQL = Result is below LOQ (but above LOD)
  • Duplicate = sample was reanalyzed
  • NC = RM not certified for that element
  • NFE = Not fortified with this element
  • REJ = Result was rejected
  • OTH = Other
18MethodReference to document describing analytical method.
19InstrumentAbbreviation of analytical instrument used to determine element.
  • GFAAS = Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry
  • HGAAS = Hydride generation atomic absorption spectrometry
  • CVAAS = Cold vapor atomic absorption spectrometry
  • ICPAES = Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry
20Batch IDAnalytical batch identification


*Previously Office of Plant and Dairy Foods.

This document was originally issued July 1999; and Updated June 2003, July 2004, October 2009, and January 2011.