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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


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RFE Contacts

Contacts for the 

Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia (RFE)


The following individuals representing various parts of the Food and Drug Administration have been instrumental in the development of the Regulatory Fish Encylopedia (RFE).

NOTE: Some E-mail addresses printed in the descriptor tags on the the RFE images are now obsolete. To contact RFE Team members and contributors, please use the addresses on THIS CONTACTS PAGE.


Project Coordinators:

  • Dr. Brad Tenge, SPRC, currently OIM/DIO/FOB/OPT4, (425) 402-3167, E-mail
  • Mr. Jim Barnett, SEA-DO (retired)

Laboratory Science:

  • Ms. Ngoc-Lan Nguyen, SEA-DO
  • Dr. Patricia Rogers, CFSAN (retired)

Fillet Preparation:

  • Mr. Kevin Gerrity, LOS-DO

Taxonomy and Photography:

  • Mr. Warren Savary, SW-FO/SWID /SWID-IB/NOGALES TWO

Fish Nomenclature and FDA Market Name Information:

  • Ms. Spring Randolph, CFSAN/OFS, (240) 402-1421, E-mail

Web Implementation:

  • Dr. Fred Fry, CFSAN/ORS, (240) 402-1976, E-mail



RFE Acknowledgements


The Office of Food Safety, CFSAN, FDA and the Office of Regulatory Affairs, FDA are acknowledged by the RFE Team for their funding contribution to this project.

The following people are acknowledged for their contributions toward the compilation of the Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia and its web implementation.


Species Authentication:

  • Tamara K. Bennett (North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, NCSU) - authentication and specimen source.
  • Dr. William Eschmeyer (California Academy of Sciences) - authentication and voucher storage.
  • Dr. Tomio Iwamoto (California Academy of Sciences) - authentication and voucher storage.
  • Peter Last (CSIRO, Australia) - authentication.
  • Dr. Robert Lauth (National Marine Fisheries Service, Western Research Branch) - authentication.

Sources - Fish and Seafood Product Samples:

  • Ray. G. Collins (Senior Foods Standards Officer, AQIS, Tasmania).
  • Glenn Kiel (NMFS, Chief, Western Inspection Branch, USDC).
  • John Noonan (FDA, Winchester Engineering and Analytical Center).
  • Brian Ravitch (FDA ORA/LOS-DO).
  • Dr. Tom Tosteson (Dept. of Marine Science, University of Puerto Rico).


The following Food and Drug Administration personnel from the Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) and the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) are acknowledged for their support and help with the compilation of the Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia and its implementation on the World Wide Web.

  • Leroy Anderson (ORA/DFS, retired)
  • Tim Anderson (ORA/Seattle District, currently OIM)
  • Jeff Bier (CFSAN/OS, retired)
  • Jeanne Bush (ORA/Miami District, retired)
  • Lawrence D'Hoostelaere (ORA/DFS, retired)
  • Ken Durham (CFSAN/OCO, retired)
  • Larry Dusold (CFSAN/DIRM, currently OIM)
  • Walter Hill (ORA/Seattle District/SPRC, retired)
  • George Hoskin (CFSAN/OS, retired)
  • Elizabeth Keville (ORA/DFS, retired)
  • Mary Snyder (CFSAN/OS, retired)
  • Marleen Wekell (ORA/Seattle District/SPRC; Director, FDA/CFSAN/OARSA, retired)
  • Sandra Whetstone (CFSAN/OS, retired)
  • John Wiskerchen (ORA/Seattle District, retired)