Pesticide Analytical Manual Volume I (PAM) 3rd Edition

(1994, Updated October, 1999

Section Description of the pdf file
Download All Files ZIP Archive (created in WinZip) of all 12 PAM I pdf files (3 Mb)Updated 10/99
Introduction Cover, Staff, Introduction, Preface, Guide to PAM I (122 Kb) 10/99
Chapter 1 Regulatory Operations (188 Kb)
Chapter 2 General Analytical Operations and Information (376 Kb) Updated 10/99
Chapter 3 Multiclass Multiresidue Methods (466 Kb) Updated 10/99
Chapter 3 Tables Recoveries through Chapter 3 methods (205 Kb) Updated 10/99
Chapter 4 Selective Multiresidue Methods (465 Kb)
Chapter 4 Tables Recoveries through Chapter 4 methods (148 Kb)
Chapter 5 Gas Liquid Chromatography (529 Kb)
Chapter 6 High Performance Liquid Chromatography (522 Kb)
Appendix I PESTDATA (344 Kb) Updated 10/99
Appendix II Protocols and Reporting Forms for Testing Chemicals (163 Kb)
Indices Indices to Methods, Names, CAS Registry Numbers, Subject (366 Kb)

Update History for Pesticide Analytical Manual I (PAM I)

Transmittal # Description of the Update
00-1 (10/99) Explanation of changes and 85 pages that revise previous pages in PAM I (310 Kb)
98-1 (10/97) Explanation of changes and 42 pages that revise previous pages in PAM I (225 Kb)
96-1 (9/96) Explanation of changes and 16 pages that correct errors in the PAM I 3rd edition. (289 Kb)

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