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BAM Media M17a: Biosynth Chromogenic Medium (BCM)

January 2003

Bacteriological Analytical Manual

Biosynth Chromogenic Medium (BCM) for Listeria monocytogenes

(Biosynth Chromogenic Medium (BCM) for Listeria monocytogenes is available commercially)

The proprietary BCM  Listeria monocytogenes Plating Medium contains a substrate for phosphotidylinositol-specific phospholipase C (PlcA) enzymes that differentiates L. monocytogenes and L. ivanovii from other  Listeria species. It can be obtained commercially as a dehydrated basal medium plus supplements. Differential activity for all  Listeria species is due to the addition of a chromogenic substrate. One source is Biosynth International, Inc., Naperville, IL.