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MCMi FY 2013: Medical Countermeasure Resources

FDA MCMi Fiscal Year 2013 Program Update

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Medical Countermeasure Resources

FDA obligated $169.5 million in FY 2013 to support CBRN and pandemic influenza-related medical countermeasure activities (Table 1). These resources comprised a combination of base funding and no-year funding.

Table 1: FY 2013 Resources Obligated to Medical Countermeasure Activities (dollars in millions)
   FY 13 Actuals FY 13 FTE Actuals
 CBRN Base Funding  $62.3  317
 Pandemic Influenza Base Funding  $32.1  158
 MCMi Base Funding  $21.8  77
 No-Year Funding  $53.3  8
 Total  $169.5  560

Base Funding 

FDA obligated $116.2 million from its FY 2013 base resources to support CBRN and pandemic influenza-related medical countermeasure activities. This funding included $62.3 million for CBRN preparedness activities, $32.1 million for pandemic influenza preparedness activities, and $21.8 million for the MCMi.  (10)

This funding supported 452 FTEs as well as a $0.9 million investment in the MCMi regulatory science program. 

No-Year Funding

FDA received $170 million, one-time funding from HHS to immediately commence MCMi activities at the end of FY 2010 when the MCMi was launched. In FY 2013, FDA obligated $53.3 million of the no-year funding to support MCMi activities. (11)  This funding supported 8 FTEs as well as regulatory science projects and infrastructure for the MCMi Regulatory Science Program and other non-payroll MCMi costs (e.g., professional development).


(10) In FY 2013, Congress provided FDA with $23.5 million base funding for the MCMi, however, as a result of reductions experienced with the sequester and rescission in FY 2013, the total estimated FY 2013 MCMi budget authority is $21.8 million.

(11) FDA expended $49.9 million of the $170 million no-year funding during FY 2011, and $54.6 million during FY 2012. FDA anticipates expending the remaining balance of the no-year funding (approximately $12.2 million) through FY 2015. 

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