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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


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Telephone City Code

FDA Data Element Number. None.

CDER Data Element Number. C-GEN-10206

Data Element Name. Telephone City Code.

Description. This standard provides format specifications for representing the telephone city code for all foreign countries, excluding the Bahamas, Bermuda, and Canada. These codes are normally accessed after the telephone country code is accessed, but before the telephone number is accessed. They may necessitate consulting a foreign telephone operator.


Relationship. See Telephone Country Code, and Telephone Number, Format 2.

FDA Specifications. None.

CDER Specifications. Telephone City Code is represented by numeric text of up to three characters. There shall be no punctuation (including no parentheses surrounding the code).

FDA Approved Date. None.

CDER Approved Date. January 10, 1995.

FDA Revised Date.

CDER Revised Date.

Data Values. Since the establishment of the telephone city code is made by the local telephone company of the country to which calls are being made, there may not be a distinct numeric relationship for each city (e.g., Dhaka, Bangladesh and Brussels, Belgium both have a telephone city code of 2). It is suggested that a foreign telephone operator be consulted for specific telephone city codes.