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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


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Person Given Name

FDA Data Element Number. GEN-00201

CDER Data Element Number. C-GEN-00201

Version Number. 001

Data Element Name. Person Given Name.

Description. This standard represents a name that usually precedes the middle name and the surname. Person Given Name is commonly referred to as a first name.

Source. Data Standards Committee, FDA.

Relationship. Person Middle Name (GEN-00202), Person Surname (GEN-00203), Person Family Rank (GEN-00204).

FDA Specifications. Person Given Name is represented by variable length alphanumeric text consisting of a maximum of fifteen (15) characters.

CDER Specifications. No further specifications.

FDA Approved Date. October 12, 1989.

CDER Approved Date. February 11, 1992

FDA Revised Date.

CDER Revised Date.

Data Values.

Literal A person's given name or first name. N/A