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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


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Drug Nomenclature Monographs

Drug Nomenclature Monographs

Monograph Number

Drug Classification C-DRG-00101
Dosage Form C-DRG-00201
Route of Administration C-DRG-00301
Ingredient Name C-DRG-00401
Proprietary Name C-DRG-00402
Animal Common Names C-DRG-00403
Animal Cell Tissue Fluid Biomolecule C-DRG-00404
Biotechnology Origin C-DRG-00405
Potency C-DRG-00501
Indications C-DRG-00601
Therapeutic Equivalence Code C-DRG-00701
Phase 4 Commitment Category C-DRG-00901
Phase 4 Fulfillment Category C-DRG-00902
Pediatric use Supplement Rule C-DRG-00903
Pediatric Use Supplement Clinical Efficacy Trials Category C-DRG-00904
Pediatric Use Supplement PK/PD Category C-DRG-00905
Pediatric Use Supplement Safety/Adverse Reaction Category C-DRG-00906
Package Type C-DRG-00907
Pediatric Exclusivity Study Type C-DRG-00908
Pediatric Exclusivity Study Age Group C-DRG-00909
Pediatric Exclusivity Study Basis C-DRG-00910
Pediatric Exclusivity Study Drug List C-DRG-00911
Geriatric Use Supplement Rule C-DRG-00913
Geriatric Use Supplement Clinical Efficacy Trials Category C-DRG-00914
Geriatric Use Supplement PK/PD Category C-DRG-00915
Geriatric Use Supplement Safety/Adverse Reaction Category C-DRG-00916
Industry Meeting Type C-DRG-00917
Industry Meeting Response C-DRG-00918
PACT Commitment Category C-DRG-00919
PACT Fulfillment Category C-DRG-00920
Global Suplement Status C-DRG-00921
Plant Part C-DRG-00924
SPL Coating C-DRG-0925
SPL Symbol C-DRG-0926
SPL Color C-DRG-0927
SPL Size C-DRG-0928
SPL Shape C-DRG-0929
SPL Score C-DRG-0930
SPL Imprint C-DRG-0931
SPL Image C-DRG-0932
SPL DEA Schedule C-DRG-0933
SPL Flavor C-DRG-0934
Marketing Category C-DRG-0935