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Notice of Field Correction: Haemonetics MCS+ 9000, Cell Saver 5, Cell Saver 5+-Haemonetics Corp


December 15, 2005

Haemonetics LN9000 Collection System (Model Number: LN9000-110-E)

Serial Numbers: 05D056; 05F064-1; 05F065; 05G101; 05G103; 05H094

Haemonetics Cell Saver 5 Autologous Blood Recovery System (Model Number: LN02005-110-E)

Serial Numbers: 94H180CD-1; 95A048CS; 95J177CS

Haemonetics Cell Saver 5+ Autologous Blood Recovery System (Model Number LN02005-110EP)


Serial Numbers: 05F022-1; 05F023-1; 05H103;05C083-05C084; 05C087-05C089;05D006-05D011;05D037--05D040; 05D043-05D047;05D060-05D068; 05D080--05D081; 05D085-05D089; 05E026-05E035;05E054-1; 05E055-1; 05E056;05E061-05E070; 05E091-05E095; 05F021; 05F066-05F072; 05F098-05F107;05F142-05F144; 05F147; 05F149; 05F150; 05F157-05F159;05G008-1; 05G009-05G012; 05G035-05G037; 05G038-1; 05G055-1; 05G057-05G059; 05G080-05G084;05H018; 05H022; 05H024- 05H027; 05H073-05H077; 05H100-05H101; 05H104; 05H163; 05J185-05J189; 05K011-05K013; 05K015-05K017; 05K092-05K096; 05K168-05K173 ; 05K175; 05K201


Haemonetics Corporation
Braintree, Massachusetts


Haemonetics has become aware that the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) on the above listed devices may emit radiofrequency waves that exceed the level permitted by International Standards. Haemonetics is executing a field correction to upgrade devices with a new, compliant LCD.


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