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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Animal & Veterinary

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Agenda - Use of Antimicrobial Drugs in Food Animals and the Establishment of Regulatory Thresholds on Antimicrobial Resistance, January 22-24, 2001

January 22, 2001
Session 1:Introduction and Overview
8:30Welcome, Purpose and Objectives of Workshop [C. Lathers]
8:40CVM Approach to the Establishment of Thresholds - General Overview [S. Sundlof]
Session 2:Use of Antimicrobial Drugs in Food Animals
Moderator: A. Beaulieu
9:00Animal Husbandry and Disease Control: Cattle [M. Apley]
9:30Animal Husbandry and Disease Control: Swine [B. Morrison]
10:30Animal Husbandry and Disease Control: Poultry [D. Wages]
11:00Animal Husbandry and Disease Control: Aquaculture [J. Plumb]
11:30Alternatives to Antimicrobial Drug Use in Food Animals: Benefits and Limitations [S. Khan]
11:50Human Health Risks Associated with the Use of Antimicrobial Drugs in Food Animals [G. Morris]
12:10Use of Antimicrobial Drugs in Food Animals: Consumer Perspective [R. Wood]
12:30Lunch (on your own)
1:30Panel Discussion on Use of Antimicrobial Drugs in Food Animals
[Session 2 Speakers; Moderator: A. Beaulieu]
3:30Public Comment Period [Facilitator: J. Heslin]
5:00Adjourn for day
January 23, 2001


Session 3:Establishing Human Health Thresholds
Moderator: L. Tollefson
9:00Process for Developing a Risk Threshold [P. Slovick]
9:20Setting a Risk Threshold for Carcinogens Lifetime Risk [C. Travis]
9:40Setting a Risk Threshold for Enteric Diseases in Drinking Water [S. Schaub]
10:00Risk Standard for Food Additives [M. Cheeseman]
10:50Food Standards in International Trade [L. Horton]
11:10Complexities with Developing a Threshold Approach [S. Levy]
11:40CVM Approach to Setting a Human Health Threshold [B. Flynn]
12:00Lunch on own
1:00Panel discussion on Human Health Thresholds
[Session 3 speakers; Moderator: L. Tollefson]
3:00Public Comment Period [Facilitator: J. Heslin]
4:30Adjourn for day
January 24, 2001
Session 4:Use of Risk Model to Establish Resistance Thresholds
Moderator: C. Lathers
8:30Use of Risk Model to Calculate Resistance Thresholds [M. Bartholomew]
8:50Use of Resistance Thresholds to Manage Risk [L. Tollefson]
9:00Comments on CVM Approach: Risk Assessor Perspective [K. Thompson]
9:20Comments on CVM Approach: Microbiologist Perspective [D. Sahm]
9:40Strengths and Limitations of Threshold Approach [R. Tauxe]
10:00Effect on Resistance Following Changes in Antimicrobial Use [M. Lipsitch]
10:30Panel discussion on Resistance Thresholds
[Session 4 speakers, L. Crawford; Moderator C. Lathers]
12:00Lunch on own
1:00Public Comment Period [Facilitator: J. Heslin]
Session 5:Alternative Approaches to the CVM Proposal
Moderator: B. Mitchell
2:45Alternatives to establishing thresholds [R. Carnevale]
3:00Alternatives to establishing thresholds [D. Smith]
3:15Alternatives to establishing thresholds [T. Cox]
3:30Public Comment Period [Facilitator: J. Heslin]
-Suggested alternatives to presented CVM approach
5:00Closing Comments: Summary, concluding remarks, and next steps [S. Sundlof]