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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Animal & Veterinary

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David White, Ph.D., FDA

 DR. WHITE: If I could. Dave White, FDA and I apologize. I did not submit any comments for the record. But one thing I would like to do and it echoes to a couple of things I have heard this afternoon, especially with Christine getting up. What we used to do in the past is NARMS scientists used to go to the professional meetings and present updates. We went to Bovine Practitioners, Swine Veterinarians, The Pork Board, AVMA, even AHI meetings. 

We have not done that recently and if these invitations are offered, NARMS scientists will come and they will give you updates specifically on what you want to know so if we could do that out of this meeting and start that up again, I think that is an important step on the right road to increase cooperation and communication. Thanks.