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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Animal & Veterinary

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Pill Bottle Pete

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Pill Bottle Pete

Hi, I’m Pete! I’m an approved animal drug. What’s that mean, you ask? Good question! Well, first, it means that I’ve gone through the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) animal drug approval process. And second, it means FDA found me to be safe and effective if the instructions on my
label are followed.

When I say I’m “safe,” I mean that I’m safe:

  • for the animal, and
  • for the people who give me to the animal.

If I’m a drug for a food-producing animal, the food products made from an animal treated with me are safe for people to eat. Food-producing animals give people food. Chickens, cows, and pigs are food-producing animals because they give us eggs, milk, and meat to eat.

When I say I’m “effective,” I mean that I work the way I’m supposed to in the animal.

Want to learn how I went from being an idea to an approved animal drug?

Let’s Get Started!

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