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Salmonella, You and the Turtle Connection Classroom Lecture

Hear See
Have you ever had (the symptoms)?  Look in your brochure and tell me what kind of infection might cause those symptoms?


(inside, left panel and outside back panel)

“diarrhea, fever…”

What animals carry Salmonella?


(inside, left fold)

“All reptiles….”

Why are we talking about turtles instead of all the animals?


(inside, center fold)

“it is the small turtles that are most often put in contact with young children…”

What do young kids do with turtles to infect themselves?


(inside, center fold)

“They put the small turtles in their mouths….”

Even if you don’t have a turtle at home, where else might you touch a turtle and get Salmonella?


(outside center panel)

“… petting zoos, parks …)

What can you do to minimize the risks of getting sick?


(outside, left panel)

“advice for consumers….”


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