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CVM's Revamped New Employee Orientation

by Shannon Bradbury, Center for Veterinary Medicine, FDA

In February 2011, the Office of Management (OM) began conducting a revised CVM New Employee Orientation for all new hires. The revamped New Employee Orientation is an integral part of the Center’s onboarding program, aimed at welcoming new employees into their positions and sharing with them the information they will need to be successful in their new work environments.

Improvements made to the original orientation were based on the input and suggestions of new and tenured employees across the Center. These developments include:

  • Timing – To ensure employee engagement and openness to the information shared during the New Employee Orientation is at its height. OM will now offer the session every two weeks.
  • Content – Unlike the traditional New Employee Orientation which placed emphasis on detailed CVM processes, procedures, and programs, the revised version concentrates on the “big picture” aspects of the Center. This new approach will give recently-hired employees an understanding of how their jobs help CVM attain its mission to protect human and animal health. Additionally, to keep employees as engaged as possible, this information will be shared in a more informal, roundtable discussion format, transforming the New Employee Orientation into a two-way conversation, as opposed to a lecture.

The objective of the modified New Employee Orientation is for employees to understand that every individual within the Center plays an equal and indispensable role in CVM’s success. The aim is to instill a sense of community in all CVM employees, both new and tenured!