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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Animal & Veterinary

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FDA Veterinarian Newsletter March/April 2000 Volume XV, No II

Several CVM officials attended AQUACULTURE AMERICA 2000, held in New Orleans, Feb. 2-5. Kim Young from CFSAN's Office of Seafood presented HACCP: Lessons Learned Related to Aquaculture and Dr. Joan Gotthardt presented Drug Approvals for Aquaculture - Progress and Proposed Initiatives, in the Encouraging Aquaculture Development in the U.S. - Critical Needs and National Initiatives session.

Other than the standard updates on drug issues from state, federal and industry attendees, the most popular topic was Minor Use Minor Species (MUMS). In a session titled "Future Drug Approval Process: MUMS Opportunities," Dr. Carol Haley gave a presentation on how and why the MUMS document was developed.

Randy MacMillan, President of the National Aquaculture Association, discussed the status of the proposed MUMS legislation, and the benefits it would have on different parts of the aquatic animal industries.

Other papers of interest to CVM included:

  • Mammalian Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone Stimulates Sex-Steroid Production in Tilapia
  • Masculinization of Nile Tilapia by Immersion in Trenbolone Acetate
  • Methyltestosterone Persists in the Environment After Use for Masculinizing Nile Tilapia
  • Antibiotic Resistance and the U.S. FDA: An Emerging Issue
  • Characterization and Treatment of Effluents from Trout Farms with Raceways
  • Efficacy Studies of Diuron Usage in Catfish Aquaculture Systems
  • Artemia as a Vector for Assessing Microbes for Pathogenicity or Probiotic Effect on Larval and Newly Metamorphosed Summer Flounder
  • Aquatic Feeds and Feeding Regimes for Environmentally Sound Aquaculture
  • Aquaculture Effluents, The EPA Role
  • Seaweed Cultivation and Biotechnology: Integrating Seaweeds to Aquaculture Systems for Bioremediation and Industry Diversification
  • Ecolabelling and Aquaculture
  • Oxytetracycline Residues in a Freshwater Recirculating Aquaculture System
  • Regulatory Climate Toward Finfish Culture: The Impacts of State Institutional Characteristics
  • Regulation of Aquaculture in Texas - There May Be Hope

Dr. Renate Reimschuessel and Chuck Eirkson attended the Joint Subcommittee on Aquaculture (JSA) Aquaculture Effluents Study Task Force meeting on Feb. 5. EPA is beginning to collect information to develop a proposed rule for regulating aquaculture effluents by June 2002. The final rule is scheduled to be released June 2004. The Task Force is set up to provide input from other government agencies, industry and non-government organizations.

Fran Pell, Dr. John Machado, Dr. Joan Gotthardt and Kim Young attended the Joint Subcommittee on Aquaculture (JSA) Working Group on Quality Assurance for Aquaculture held February 2, the day before the Conference.

CVM and CFSAN shared a booth and participants were available to answer questions from conference attendees.