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FDA Veterinarian Newsletter September/October 2001 Volume XVI, No V

CVM congratulates Dorothy (Dottie) Wintermere Pocurull on her celebration of 50 years of Federal Government service.

Dottie reached this milestone on January 14, 2001, and was recently recognized at a ceremony at the Department level by HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson and Deputy Secretary Claude Allen.

Born in Bayonne, New Jersey, the only child of a Scottish mother, and an English father, Dottie's family settled in Bowie, Maryland when she was a young girl. She attended Bladensburg High School, and earned both B.S. and M.S. degrees in Bacteriology from the University of Maryland.

With her scientific training, Dottie joined FDA in 1948 as an antibiotics analyst with the Penicillin Control and Immunology Plate Assay Section. This group was responsible for the certification of penicillin and streptomycin by microbiological and chemical assays. As this area expanded, Dottie's duties included methods development and research. She published several manuscripts related to this research.

Dottie took a 3-year break in service following the birth of her first child. After her return to the antibiotic certification division in a research position, she spent four years as a supervisor in the assay laboratories. During this period, the laboratories moved into the newly built FOB-8, at that time considered a state-of-the-art science building.

In 1967, Dottie moved to a microbiologist position at FDA's Beltsville, Maryland facilities on the USDA's Agricultural Research Farm. Known as the Division of Veterinary Medical Research (DVMR), this group had begun experiments to determine the antibiotic resistance patterns of various animal species, a fascinating and resource intensive effort.

In 1979, Dottie took a detail in the Document Review Branch of the Bureau of Veterinary Medicine (BVM) in Rockville, Maryland, and in 1980, she accepted a permanent position with the Bioresearch Monitoring Program.

Currently, Dottie is a member of the Bioresearch Monitoring and Administrative ActionsTeam in CVM's Division of Compliance. Major responsibilities include disqualification of clinical investigators, withdrawal of approved drugs, termination of investigational new animal drug applications, and revocation of medicated feed licenses.

Dottie has witnessed many changes in FDA, especially the recognition of women as equal scientific colleagues. At the time she entered BVM, there were only two professional women employed.

Dottie has no plans to retire since she believes that working keeps the mind and body active. Dottie has a son, Edward, employed by the Computer Center at NIH, and a daughter, Isabel, employed at CVM's Division of Animal Feeds. In addition, she has a granddaughter who attends the University of Maryland. Dottie is an inspiration to all of us at CVM.