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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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by Bobbie Giganti
FDA Veterinarian Newsletter 2002 Volume XVI, No V

After months of design, develop-ment, contracting, procurement, and build out, the CVM STAFF COLLEGE is finally in "residence" with new state-of-the-art facilities.

On Tuesday, July 9, the Staff College held an Open House for Center-wide staff and other invited guests. Program host-Don Peterson, Director, Office of Management, welcomed attendees and introduced the honored guests: Dr. Lester Crawford, Deputy Commissioner/FDA; Dr. Stephen Sundlof, Director, CVM; Mrs. Barbara Leach, Director of Administration; Dr. Faith Williamson, Director of the CVM Staff College; and the Staff College team composed of Stanice Cooper, Bobbie Giganti, Paula Searle, Nancy Scott, Melissa Starinsky, and Sherri Washington.

Dr. Crawford was warmly welcomed by staff members-especially those who had worked with him when he served as Director, CVM in the early 1980's. Clearly, Dr. Crawford was glad to be back to visit at CVM and was honored to participate in the CVM Staff College's ribbon-cutting ceremony (a first for Dr. Crawford). In his earlier tenure as CVM Director, Dr. Crawford endorsed the need for developmental opportunities for Center personnel. He was impressed to see and learn how far his early visions had evolved.

In his remarks, Dr. Sundlof emphasized that CVM is embarking upon a new learning and development approach that will benefit CVM employees personally and the organization as a whole. We are a learning organization and the Staff College is the focal point of continuous learning in CVM. Staff will be offered opportunities to develop technical, scientific, management, leadership, and team competencies. Through the use of the Knowledge Center's (KC) Learning Management System (LMS), staff will have the ability to plan their future career path through the use of an automated Individual Development Plan (IDP). The KC currently offers more than 300 online courses; provides employees with instant access to their training records; and provides a wealth of automated information, resources, and tools to help individuals perform more effectively in their current positions or to prepare for a position which they aspire to in the future.

Features of the new facilities include:

  • Two training/conference rooms that can be combined to form an area that can accommodate auditorium seating for 50. These rooms can be reconfigured to classroom style seating for 24. These two rooms are equipped with rear room projection, touch panel lecterns with built-in computer presentation equipment, document camera, VCR, videoconferencing, and teleconferencing capabilities.
  • Two computer training rooms that can provide hands-on computer training at 15 stations (rooms combined) or 9 stations/6 stations (rooms separated). When set up classroom-style these rooms can accommodate 20-25 people. The computers are recessed into the individual stations so that these rooms can also be used for classroom-style training. These labs are equipped with touch panel lecterns with built-in computer presentation equipment-including SMART Board, instructor computer workstation interaction and monitoring (SnychronEyes), and VCR capabilities. Separate videoconferencing is located for use in one or combined rooms.

For further information on use of these facilities or for Staff College assistance, please e-mail the CVM Staff College.

Bobbie Giganti is a Training Specialist currently on detail to the CVM Staff College from Office of Regulatory Affairs' Division of Human Resource Development (ORA-U).