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CVM Home Page Increases in Popularity

FDA Veterinarian Newsletter 2002 Volume XVII, No II

The Center for Veterinary Medicine's (CVM's) Internet Home Page was increasingly popular in 2001. There were an average of two-million "hits" per month. A hit is a term used to describe how often someone accesses a site on the Internet. This is a major increase over the hits for previous years. In 2001, the number of hits ranged from a low of 1,627,955 in September to a high of 2,352,637 in March. In contrast, the number of hits in April 2000 was 620,000, and the number for September 1999 was only 8,809.

The increasing number of hits recorded for year 2001 is testimony to the plethora of pivotal information on our site. Statistics for the "Most Visited Pages" revealed a consistent pattern. Each month with little variation, users regularly visited the following pages: What's New, The Green Book, Guidance Documents, Index, Vacancies, FOI's, Antimicrobial Resistance, BSE, Bio-engineered Foods, and Adverse Drug Experience Reports.

All CVM employees working on the Home Page do everything they can to ensure that people who visit our Internet Home Page receive the information they need on CVM-related issues. This can include everyone from a student doing a report to a veterinarian making crucial decisions regarding treatment options.

The CVM Home Page has undergone three major re-designs since 1998. The focus of the first re-design was to improve navigation and to reconfigure the entire file structure. The second re-design focused on content management and an updated look using professional stock photography. With the third re-design, we paid special attention to Section 508, Compliance for Handicapped Accessibility. The CVM Web Team's primary mission is to make the information on the Home Page easy to find, easy to retrieve, and easy to access cutting edge information.

The CVM Internet Home Page is growing at a phenomenal rate both in user access and as a repository for veterinary health information. Presently, the CVM Internet Home Page is undergoing a new re-design, expected for release in the near future. The latest revision is to help the Web Team keep pace with various changes necessary for updating the site. The CVM Web Team welcomes your comments about the Home Page. Please send your comments by e-mail to sdove@cvm.fda.gov.