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Jerome G Woyshner Selected as Chairman of the CVM Field Committee

FDA Veterinarian Newsletter January/February 2003 Volume XVIII, No 1

Jerome Woyshner, Director of FDA's New York District Office, has been chosen to replace retiring Ballard Graham as Chairman of the CVM Field Committee.

Mr. Woyshner is a native of Lackawanna, NY, and began his career with FDA in 1964 as an investigator in the Buffalo District Office. He subsequently relocated to the Pittsburgh Resident Post and the New York District offices where he also served as investigator. He was promoted to a supervisory investigator position in 1972 and to the Director of Investigations Branch position in 1982. In 1998, the Buffalo and New York District Offices merged and he assumed statewide responsibility as the Director of Investigations Branch.

Mr. Woyshner is a graduate of West Virginia University and attended graduate school at Syracuse University. He has been the recipient of the FDA Award of Merit, Commendable Service Award, PHS Public Service Award, and Vice President Gore's Hammer Award.

FDA Field Committees meet routinely with Center representatives and serve as the principal contact for the Office of Regulatory Affairs (Field and Headquarters) to address program priorities or modifications, special assignments, resource utilization, and significant issues of concern to either party. This type of partnering offers a key mechanism in FDA's efforts to optimize consumer protection in carrying out its mission. In addition,

Committee members act as liaisons with State agencies who play key roles in the enforcement of FDA's regulations. Other CVM Field Committee members include Brenda Holman, RFDD, Pacific Region; Thomas Gardine, District Director, Philadelphia District; Dennis Linsley, District Director, San Francisco District; Gayle Lancette, Director Southeast Regional Laboratory; Austin R. Long, Director, Pacific Regional Laborarory-Northwest; Charles Sedgwick, District Director, Kansas City District and; Howard Lewis, Director, Nashville Branch, New Orleans District.