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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Animal & Veterinary

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CVM Personnel Comings and Goings

FDA Veterinarian Newsletter January/February 2005 Volume XX, No I

New Hires

Office of Management

  • Susan Banks, Management Analyst
  • Kathie Foley, Management Officer
  • Jackie Salter, Program Analyst
  • Sandy Shutts, Program Support Assistant-
  • Arleen Wang, Program Analyst
  • Elaine Johanson, Supervisory IT -Specialist

Office of New Animal Drug Evaluation

  • Robert Abugov, Math Statistician
  • Yoko Adachi, Staff Fellow (Math -Statistician)
  • Mary Allen, Biologist
  • Renee Blosser, Microbiologist
  • Edward Chen, Staff Fellow (VMO)
  • Siobhan DeLancey, Consumer Safety Officer
  • Sujaya Dessai, Consumer Safety -Officer
  • Jude Fiorini, Staff Fellow (VMO)
  • Joshua Hayes, Staff Fellow (Microbiologist)
  • Laura Huffman, Consumer Safety Officer
  • Jeffrey Jones, Staff Fellow (VMO)
  • Toni McCannon, Management -Officer
  • Robin Nguyen, Consumer Safety -Officer
  • Amy Omer, Staff Fellow (VMO)
  • Rebecca Owen, Staff Fellow -(Chemist)
  • Virginia Recta, Staff Fellow (Math Statistician)
  • Eric Silberhorn, Biologist
  • Ann Stohlman, Staff Fellow (VMO)
  • Michelle Timmerman, Staff Fellow (Microbiologist)
  • Jayne Tung, Staff Fellow (VMO)
  • Adele Turzillo, Staff Fellow (VMO)
  • Denzil Walker, Writer-Editor
  • Bonnie Bodo, Biologist
  • Nadine Steinberg, Regulatory Counsel

Office of Research

  • Jamie Cranford, Biologist
  • Jewell Washington, Biologist
  • Jason Abbott, Microbiologist

Office of Surveillance and Compliance

  • Paul Bachman, Consumer Safety -Officer
  • Randal Arbaugh, Consumer Safety Officer
  • Margaret Bowman Sirolli, Staff Fellow (VMO)


Office of New Animal Drug Evaluation

  • Laura Adams, Chemist
  • Naba Das, Veterinary Medical -Officer
  • Wendolyn Jones, Pharmacologist
  • Patreese Morton, Applications Ex-aminer
  • Tammy Massie, Math Statistician
  • Lakisha Preston, Secretary
  • Kyunghee Song, Math Statistician
  • Juandy Walston, Management Officer

Office of Research

  • Stanley Serfling, Biologist
  • Mark Hirshenson, Biological Aide

Office of Surveillance and Compliance

  • Confidence Gbarayo, Regulatory Review Officer
  • Francisca Stone, Industry Compliance Specialist