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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Animal & Veterinary

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FDA Veterinarian Newsletter July/August 1999 Volume XIV, No IV

CompanyGeneric & (Brand) NamesIndicationsRoutes/Remarks
Phoenix Scientific, Inc.
(ANADA 200-258)
Sulfadimethoxine (SDM)Chickens, turkeys, dairy calves, heifers, beef cattle. In drinking water for the treatment of coccidiosis, fowl cholera, and infectious coryza in chickens and turkeys and in drinking water or drench for treatment of shipping fever, pneumonia, calf diphtheria and foot rot in dairy calves, dairy heifers, and beef cattle.ORAL: The NADA is a generic copy of Pfizer's NADA 46-285 (Albon®).
Federal Register: 04/15/99.
Pliva d.d.
(ANADA 200-232)
Oxytetracycline (Geomycin 200)Swine, cattle. For the treatment of bacterial infections susceptible to oxytetracycline.INTRAMUSCULAR AND INTRAVENOUS: Intramuscular use in swine for treatment of bacterial enteritis, pneumonia, and leptospirosis, and in sows as an aid in the control of infectious enteritis in suckling pigs. Intramuscular/ intravenous use in cattle for the treatment of bacterial pneumonia and shipping fever complex, pink eye, foot rot, wooden tongue, diphtheria, leptospirosis, wound infections, acute metritis. The ANADA is a generic copy of Pfizer, Inc.'s NADA 113-232 (Linquamycin7 LA-2007). Federal Register: 04/30/99.