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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Animal & Veterinary

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FDA Veterinarian Newsletter March/April 1999 Volume XIV, No II

The following firms/individuals received warning letters for offering animals for slaughter that contained illegal drug residues:

  • Rodney and Patricia Loomis, Mercer Livestock Auction, Inc., Mercer, PA
  • Janet M. Slegers, Aspen Dairy, Chino, CA
  • Ruby J. McNichol, McNichol's Dead and Crippled Livestock, Portersville, PA
  • Andrew Stutzman, Kidron, OH
  • Sam Knevelbaard, Knevelbaard Dairies, Corona, CA
  • Marvin J. Lynn, Chippewa Falls, WI
  • Manuel Zermeno, Pinecrest Jersey Farm, Oakdale, CA
  • Sybrand Vander Dussen, Syann Dairy, Corona, CA
  • John D. Mello, J.D. Mello Dairy, Hanford, CA
  • Louis Da Rosa, Da Rosa and Son Dairy, Turlock, CA
  • Loren Duescher, Duescher Hilltop Jerseys, Kewaunee, WI
  • Chris M. Mellott, Mercersburg, PA

These violations involved illegal residues of penicillin in cows, sulfadimethoxine in dairy cows, streptomycin in a calf, gentamicin in a culled dairy cow, tetracycline in a dairy cow, gentamicin and sulfamethoxazole in a calf, and erythromycin in a cow.

Warning letters were also sent to the following firms/individuals which had a history of offering animals for sale for human food use which were adulterated with drug residues. These warning letters stated that these individuals/firms had offered animals for slaughter that contained illegal drug residues:

  • Robert Weikert, Weikert's Livestock, Inc., Fairfield, PA
  • Manuel Carmo, Carmo Dairy, Elk Grove, CA

These violations involved illegal residues of gentamicin, penicillin, neomycin, and sulfadimethoxine in cows.