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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Animal & Veterinary

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REGULATORY ACTIVITIES - November/December 1999

FDA Veterinarian Newsletter November/December 1999 Volume XIV, No VI

The following firms/individuals received warning letters for offering animals for slaughter that contained illegal drug residues:

  • Ralph Lettinga, Walnut Dale Farm, Wayland, MI
  • Randall D. Vander Meulen, Woodcrest Dairy, Roswell, NM
  • Carl Simon, Carl Simon Farm, Farley, IA
  • Joe V. Diniz Jr., Joe V. Diniz Dairy, Patterson, CA
  • Brant F., Keith H., and Frank H. Gibbs, Gibbs Quest Dairies, Andover, NJ

These violations involved illegal residues of sulfamethazine, gentamycin, sulfathiazole, tetracycline, and streptomycin in bob veal calves; gentamicin sulfate in cows; erythromycin in a cow; neomycin in a calf; and sulfadimethoxine in a cow.

A warning letter was sent to Bernard Arthur te Velde Sr., Visalia, CA, for consigning a dairy cow to be slaughtered for human food with illegal residues of sulfadimethoxine and for having a history of offering animals for sale for human food use which were adulterated with drug residues.

Skeeter R. Fergason, Fergason Cattle Co., Stephenville, TX, received a warning letter for repeatedly offering animals for sale for slaughter as food in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act). The letter said that his firm delivered a bob veal calf with violative residues of streptomycin and sulfamethoxazole; a cow with violative residues of oxytetracycline; and veal calves with violative residues of streptomycin, oxytetracycline, and gentamycin.

A warning letter was sent to Andrew T. Palmeter, D.V.M., Fort Dodge Animal Health, Princeton, NJ, for an advertisement for Cydectin (moxidectin) Pour-On, saying that it was approved for lactating dairy cattle which appeared as an insert in the September 1999 "Dairy Today" magazine. There was no approved New Animal Drug Application on file for use of this product in lactating dairy cattle. Advertisement of promotion of this new animal drug for this unapproved use causes the drug to be misbranded under the Act.

William A. Soderlund, Veterinary Pharmacy Corporation, St. Peter, MN, received a warning letter for compounding veterinary drugs for use in food-producing animals in violation of the Act. The compounded animal drugs, including sulfadiazine/trimethoprim, lincomycin injectable, tylosin/dexamethasone/ampicillin, are unapproved new animal drugs.