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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Animal & Veterinary

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U.S. Ingredient Supplier Used Melamine

FDA Veterinarian Newsletter 2007 Volume XXII, No II

In a development unrelated to the pet food recall, a feed ingredient supplier that sells binding agents used to make pelleted feed products told the Food and

Drug Administration in May that the company had been using melamine, but has since stopped.

FDA reported on May 30 that Tembec BTLSR Inc., Toledo, OH, said it was using melamine to make two aquaculture products, AquaBond and Aqua-Tec II, which Tembec distributed for a second company, Uniscope, Inc., Johnstown, CO.

Uniscope also made a pellet binding ingredient, Xtra-Bond, using ingredients from Tempec that contained melamine.

FDA has advised feed manufacturers to recall finished feed made with AquaBond or Aqua-Tec II, due to the estimated levels of melamine and related compounds in the finished products.

Initial information has led FDA to believe that a recall is not needed for finished feed made with Xtra-Bond, because of the estimated low melamine level in the finished feed. However, as more information is obtained, there may be specific products or circumstances that could require a recall.

Food derived from animals fed these products is unlikely to pose a human health risk, FDA concluded, based on the interim risk assessment FDA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture conducted earlier in May.