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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Advisory Committees

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Members and Consultants - 2004 VMAC


Waddell, John T., D.V.M.
Managing Partner
Sutton Veterinary Clinic, P.C. 
West Highway 6  P.O. Box 660 
Sutton, Nebraska 68979 


Aleta M. Sindelar, R.N.
Food and Drug Administration
7519 Standish Place
Rockville, MD 20855
E-mail asindela@cvm.fda.gov

Members and VMAC Consultants (*)

Susanne Aref, Ph.D.*
Research Scientist
Department of Statistics
401 C Hutcheson Hall, (0439)
Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  and State University
Blacksburg, VA  24061

Craigmill, Arthur L., Ph.D.
Department of Environmental
University of California
Davis, CA  95616

Gregory Jaffe *
Director, Biotechnology Project
Center for Science in the Public Interest
1875 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. #300
Washington, DC 20009

Jack, Sherman (Skip) W., D.V.M., Ph.D.
Department of Pathobiology and
  Population Medicine
College of Veterinary Medicine
P.O. Box 9825
Mississippi State, MS  39762-9825

Katrina L. Mealey, D.V.M., Ph.D.*
Assistant Professor
Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine
Washington State University
Pullman, WA  99164-6610

McGlone, John J., Ph.D.
Professor and Director
Pork Industry Institute
Department of Animal Science and
  Food Technology
Texas Tech University and Health
  Sciences Center
Lubbock, Texas  79409-2141

Nolan, Lisa, D.V.M., Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Department of Veterinary
  Microbiology and Preventative Medicine
Iowa State University
Ames, IA  50011

Papich, Mark G., D.V.M.
Department of Molecular Biomedical
College of Veterinary Medicine
North Carolina State University
4700 Hillsborough St.
Raleigh, NC  27606

Pappaioanou, Marguerite, D.V.M., Ph.D.
Associate Director for Science and Policy
Office of Global Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Mailstop D-69
Atlanta, Georgia 30333

Richard A. Sams, Ph.D.*
Professor and Director
OSU Analytical Toxicology Laboratory
OSU Veterinary Hospital
601 Tharp Street
Columbus, OH 43210

Wages, Dennis P., D.V.M.
Resource Management Director, NCSU-CVM
4700 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, North Carolina 27606


James E. Leggett, Jr., M.D. I
(Member and Chair)
Expertise:  Infectious Diseases
Associate Professor of Medicine
Oregon Health Sciences University
5050 NE Hoyt Street, Suite 540
Portland, Oregon 97213

Nathan Thielman, MD I
Assistant Professor
Duke University Medical Center
Dept of Infectious Diseases
4325 Klein Drive
Durham, NC  27705

Christopher Ohl, MD I
Wake Forrest University
Infectious Disease Section
Medical Center Blvd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27157-1042

L. Barth Reller, M.D., D.T.M.&H. I
Professor of Medicine and Pathology
Director of Clinical Microbiology
Box 3938
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC 27710 (USA)