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Updates to the Listing of U.S. Industries

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Updates to the 2015 Listing

For your convenience, you will find recent updates to the Listing of U.S Industries in this section. These updates have occurred since the last official release of the Listing of U.S. Industries.


The following companies have been added to the "Acceptable" Listing of U.S. Industries:


The following companies have been added to the "Significantly Regulated" Listing of U.S. Industries:

  • BioReliance Corporation 2-5-16
  • Briteseed LLC 2-5-16
  • Micell Technologies 2-5-16
  • Olema Pharmaceuticals 2-5-16
  • Therabron Therapeutics 2-19-16
  • Ecolab Inc. 2-19-16
  • Aziant Drug Research Solutions 3-8-16
  • Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc. 3-22-16
  • Danone SA 3-24-16
  • ChromaDex 3-29-16
  • Boss Instruments 4-17-16

The following companies have changed their names:

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