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FDA Basics Metrics: February 2013

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Number of Visitors 95,836
Average Rating 2.86

Statistics By Topic

Topic Number of Comments Average Rating
FDA Fundamentals 31 3.85
Animal & Veterinary 0 N/A
Cosmetics 2 3.00
Dietary Supplements 9 2.86
Drugs 11 4.10
Food 32 3.31
Medical Devices 11 3.91
Radiation-Emitting Products 0 N/A
Tobacco Products 0 N/A
Vaccines, Blood, and Biologics 2 3.00

Top Accessed Pages

Rank Page Visits
1 FDA Basics Main 16,787
2 Fundamentals 4,578
3 Webinar on Advice to Dog Owners Whose Pets Take NSAIDS 4,344
4 What does FDA do? 3,881
5 Food 2,182
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Please limit your feedback to 1000 characters.

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