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Where can I get information on a drug my veterinarian prescribed?

The Animal Drugs@FDA database contains information regarding the drug’s indications (why you use it) along with dosage and safety information.

Another source of information is the animal drug’s Freedom of Information (FOI) Summary. The FOI Summary is literally a summary of the information that FDA reviewed and based its approval of the drug on. FOI Summaries contain information on the drug’s chemistry, safety, effectiveness, and indication(s) for use of the drug. FOI Summaries are listed based on the drug’s New Animal Drug Approval (NADA) number. You can find the NADA number on the front of the drug’s label, or, you can also find it on the Animal Drugs@FDA database. Once you have the NADA number, you can go to the FOI Summary site and read the drug’s FOI. (Note: Some of the very old approved veterinary drugs do not have FOI Summaries.)

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