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FDA Information Management Strategic Plan

FDA Information Management Strategic Plan cover 

FDA Information Management
Office of Information Management


Strategic Plan Version 1.1
FY2012 - FY2016

September 2012

Printable PDF (891 KB)


It is with great excitement that we bring you the first full version of the FDA Information Management (IM) Strategic Plan.  During the time this document has been under development, we have reached out to many sources for feedback and are confident that each reader will feel the document was worth the wait. In building this plan, careful attention was paid to both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Strategic Priorities and the Health and Human Services (HHS) Strategic Plan.  We attempted to map and align each goal and objective within this document to each specific FDA objective, but in the end we decided that approach was unnecessary.  In truth, each of the core goals of this plan [Infrastructure on Demand, Knowledge Architecture, Financial Opportunity, Office of Information Management (OIM) Workforce Transformation] is essential for the successful realization of every component of the FDA mission.
We also strove to keep this document clear for our customers and ourselves.  While not always simple, the goals and objectives are simply stated and we are committed to their successful conclusion.  It is our intent to publish annual updates and to use this plan as a living document that guides our efforts, without dictating them to the omission of the essential real-time feedback we will receive along our journey.  We are also developing and utilizing more detailed internal documents that provide more specificity for our implementation processes. 

Again, thank you for your support and enthusiasm.


Eric D. Perakslis, Ph.D.
Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Scientist for Informatics
Food and Drug Administration



  • FDA OIM Vision, Mission, Guiding Principles, and Values
  • Goals
  • Goal #1
    Provide Technology on Demand via the modernization of internal infrastructure and the provisioning of external capabilities that optimize the productivity of the FDA workforce
  • Goal #2
    Develop the Knowledge Architecture and Infrastructure that enables smooth FDA operations, efficient review processes, risk-based analytics, and secure and seamless collaboration with public and private partners
  • Goal #3
    Create Fiscal Opportunity via the efficient delivery of high value services that reduce costs and create reinvestment opportunities
  • Goal #4
    Develop a leadership pipeline of highly engaged, qualified and customer-centric employees that are experts in technologies and in the business and scientific domains which they serve
  • Drivers and Framework for the Strategic Plan
  • Acronym List