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Reserves and Balance Available for Allocation: FY 2011 ADUFA Financial Report

Back to Table of Contents: FY 2011 ADUFA Financial Report

Table 5 provides a summary of carryover balances as of September 30, 2011, and anticipated claims on those balances.

The first anticipated claim is the reserve for future offsets of $394,256 shown below.  In addition, prudent operations require that a reserve be kept aside for other potential refunds.  For that purpose a total of $500,000 is being set aside.  That leaves a total of $3,770,037 available for allocation.  This amount will fund about 2.1 months of estimated FY 2012 operations from user fee revenue.

ADUFA II authorizes FDA to have up to three months of available carryover balance at the end of FY 2013. FDA will estimate the amount of carryover balance it expects to have available for obligation in August of 2012, when fees are set for FY 2013. FDA will also estimate the amount of ADUFA fee revenues needed to sustain operations at the FY 2013 levels for the first three months of FY 2014. If carry-over balances are less than the amount FDA needs to fund three months of operations in 2014, FDA may add up to the full shortfall amount to the fee revenues when fees for FY 2013 are set in August 2012.

Table 5
Summary Statement Of Animal Drug User Fee
Carryover Balance
As Of September 30, 2011

 Reserve for Future Collection Offset $394,256
 Reserve for Refunds  $500,000
 Available for Allocation  $3,770,037



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