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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

About FDA

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DHHS Charges and Assessments

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Department of Health and Human Services
Charges and Assessments - Fiscal Year 2005


Quality of Worklife Initiative $9,369
The Quality of Work Life was created to help HHS employees deal with the multitude of changes impacting the worksite.
Safety Management Information System $1,921
TAP for a department-wide, computerized accident and injury reporting and analysis system required by the Department of Labor.
Safety, Health and Environmental Management $11,711
Agreement enables the Department to continue conducting program evaluations and environmental compliance assessments of occupational safety and health as required
Energy Program Review $10,931
Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation at Federal Facilities mandate a myriad of requirements from energy and water conservation in HHS facilities. HHS must ensure that all such requirements are met.
Health and Wellness Center $668
Funds from the Health and Wellness Center are used to provide a portion of the on-going operational costs of a healthy facility.
IT Access for Disable Persons $31,855
Federal agencies are required to ensure that individuals with disabilities have access to electronic and information technology systems and equipment that are comparable to the access enjoyed by people without disabilities.
Media Outreach $5,625
TAP provides funding to support Secretarial public affairs initiatives, including production and distribution of public services announcement and video news reports.
President's Council on Bioethics $295,276
TAP to fund the council which advises the President of Bioethical issues related to the advances in biomedical science and technology.
National Rural Development Partnership $9,227
TAP is managed by USDA's Rural Development Administration. Under the partnership, States develop State Rural Develop Councils which supports rural development through cooperation among Federal, State and Local governments
Federal Laboratory Consortium $9,304
TAP to fund FLC research and development. US Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is the recipient of these funds on behalf of FLC.
Fees for Service:
Provides various services to the FDA. The following is a breakdown of costs.
Human Resources, Personnel and Payroll: 6,920,461
Administrative Operations Service: 22,795,893
Building Operations
Misc. - i.e. Product Distribution, Shipping & Handling, Shredding, Storage, Graphics, Conference Center, Strategic Systems, Property Disposal and mail
Financial Management Services: 255,356
Office of the Director (OD): 160,540
Employee related programs and Childcare.  
Office of Secretary (OS): 3,452,341
Includes costs for Regional Health Administration, Audit Resolution, Contracts and Grants and Tracking Accounting in Government Grants. OS will include a portion of Commissioned Corp. Management costs in FY 04 and FY 05.
FOH: 1,130,000
FDA agency health units and services  
NIH Management Fund $13,215,000
Agreement to support the Center for Biologics, Evaluation and Research activities on the NIH Campus. Includes Building Operations, Telecom, Utilities and various common services.
NIH Patents $871,000
Agreement with NIH for support developing patent applications for FDA.
Jointly Funded Projects:
Enterprise Information Management
FDA's contribution to the HHS Enterprise Infrastructure Fund. The funds are used for Enterprise Information Tech programs/projects outlined in the Enterprise Info Tech Strategic Plan or which benefit the corporate enterprise, such as enterprise buys/licenses.
Unified Financial Management Systems (UFMS) $4,782,176
Interagency agreement with NIH to provide funding for UFMS.
Human Resource Center - Rockville $14,031,164
International Health Bilateral Agreement $1,050,150
Agreement to provide funding in support of the Bilateral Multilateral activities performed on behalf of the Public Service by the Office of Global Health Affairs
OPM Job Information Federal Assessment $24,880
OPM charges fees to Federal Agencies to cover costs associated with maintenance and enhancement to the USAJOBS website, outreach initiatives regarding public service through print ads and other materials.
Tri-Council Activities $72,734
AP to support government wide financial, information technology, procurement and other management activities.
Office of Pacific Health and Human Services $14,467
Agreement to support funding for health activities in support of the Office of Pacific Health and Human Services.
Motor Vehicle Information & Management $7,000
Agreement to support the MVIMS which generates reports on federal agency vehicle fleet expenditures.
NIH eRA Grants Management System $176,118
Pilot phase to support migration of FDA Grants Data into the Department's consolidated eRA Grants Management System
Financial Shared Services Study $72,373
Agreement to work on achieving projected milestones and offering recommendations to the senior leadership on the change management initiatives required to implement decisions.
DHHS Primary Health Care Policy Fellowship $45,000
Agreement with HRSA to support a DHHS Primary Health Care Policy Fellowship program and related staff support activities
Office of Public Health/Blood Safety $495,850
Agreement to provide funding for the advisory committee on Blood Safety.
Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS $60,000
Agreement to provide funding to the NIH Office of AIDS research
Core Support from National Academy of Science $91,455
Agreement for a group of standing bodies in a number of health areas that can be called upon to provide feedback on various issues or to conduct more deliberative seminars and studies on HHS programs Federal Executive Board,
Dallas $19,382
President's Management Council asked Federal agencies to fund the FEBs, and HHS agreed to support the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) FEB. This covers costs of the Executive Director position.
National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity $325,485
Agreement with NIH to develop improved biosecurity measures for classes of legitimate biological research that could be misused to threaten public health or national security.
Interdepartmental Council on Native American Affairs $11,600
IAG with DHHS, Administration on Children and Families, for staff and administrative support for the Interdepartmental Council for Native American Affairs (ICNAA), to conduct semi-annual Council meetings, Executive Committee meetings and assignments.


DHHS Charges and Assessments
FY 2005 Actual, and FY 2006 and 2007 Estimates
Activity FY 2005 Actual FY 2006 Estimate FY 2007 Estimate
DHHS ASSESSMENTS 1/ 426,334 439,124 452,298
FEE FOR SERVICE 42,518,964 43,082,232 43,936,069
Program Support Center/FOH/OS 27,632,264 28,461,232 29,315,069
NIH Management Fund 14,015,700 13,750,000 13,750,000
NIH Patents 871,000 871,000 871,000
JOINTLY FUNDED PROJECTS 31,843,038 31,857,078 31,311,856
Enterprise Information Management 7,120,000 7,120,000 7,120,000
Unified Financial Management System 8,388,096 7,557,563 6,973,126
Human Resources Consoliation Costs 14,015,700 14,822,200 14,822,200
International Health - Bilateral Agreement 1,050,150 1,050,150 1,050,150
Other Jointly Funded Projects /2 1,269,092 1,307,165 1,346,380
Total 74,788,336 74,939,310 75,247,925
1/ FY 2006 and FY 2007 are estimates based on historical charges and assessments.
2/ Includes Jointly Funded Projects under $1,000,000.


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