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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

About FDA

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Buildings and Facilities

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  FY 2005 Actual FY 2006  1/ Enacted FY 2007 Estimate Increase or Decrease
Program Level $2,199,000 $7,920,000 $4,950,000 - $2,970,000
Budget Authority $2,199,000 $7,920,000 $4,950,000 - $2,970,000

  1/Contains budget authority rescission of 0.8 percent.


 Historical Funding
Fiscal Year Program Level Budget Authority User Fees
2003 Actual $7,948,000 $7,948,000 $0
2004 Actual $6,958,700 $6,958,700 $0
2005 Actual $2,199,000 $2,199,000 $0
2006 Enacted $7,920,000 $7,920,000 $0
2007 Estimate $4,950,000 $4,950,000 $0


Statement of the Budget Request


The Buildings and Facilities is requesting $4,950,000 in program level resources to accomplish its mission activities.


Program Description


The Building and Facilities appropriation provides funding for new construction and for special-purpose laboratories and other facilities and for needed repairs and improvements to existing facilities across the U.S.


Program Resource Changes


Budget Authority

Buildings and Facilities:  -$2,970,000

Buildings and Facilities is requesting $4,950,000 in program level resources to accomplish its mission activities, a decrease of -$2,970,000 from the previous year. FDA will provide for the repair and maintenance of its facilities through the FY 2007 Budget request of $4,950,000 and remaining un-obligated balances.


Justification of Base

FDA Strategic Goal: Transforming FDA Business Operations, Systems, and Infrastructure to Support FDA's Mission in the 21st Century


A strong FDA will ensure a world-class professional work force, effective and efficient operations and adequate resources to accomplish the mission of FDA.  The Agency will continue to use base resources to cover the costs of repairs and improvements to FDA and Government owned facilities.  Managing a nationwide inventory of leased and owned real property assets that include a substantial amount of laboratory facilities requires regular repair, improvement and maintenance activities on a preventative, as needed and emergency basis.  Modifying these spaces to accommodate programs and maintaining the buildings as they age allows FDA employees to perform their duties in a safe, healthful and productive work place. 

Included in the FDA's real property inventory are the Washington area headquarters components which are now located in 40 buildings that are government owned and leased and are in 18 separate location; plus five regional offices, 19 field District complexes including 19 administrative and 13 specialized laboratory facilities nationwide; more than 120 resident posts, eight field criminal investigation offices, two distinct program laboratory complexes outside the Washington metropolitan area and the National Center for Toxicological Research in Jefferson, Arkansas.  With all of these Field facilities combined, FDA maintains offices and staff in 49 of the 50 States, and in the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. 

The repair and maintenance of these facilities is fundamental to the FDA's mission. Specific facilities must be fully accredited in order to support ongoing scientific protocols.  Without fundamental base resources to maintain these facilities the Agency's ability to ensure properly functioning buildings and laboratories is greatly diminished.  While industry components that FDA regulates spend between nine and 12 percent of the replacement value of their physical plants on maintenance, alteration, and repair, FDA has been spending less than two percent of the replacement value of its physical plant for the same purpose.  Further reductions would hasten the degradation of the work environment for FDA scientists, aggravating the FDA's ability to retain the expertise that is necessary to keep pace with the technological advances that fuel incoming premarket applications. 

The following are planned repairs and improvement projects, and their estimated costs, that will be prioritized and initiated based upon greatest need:


R&I Projects

$ 4,950,000

Center & Project Description

by Center
ORA - Nationwide — Miscellaneous Repair and Improvement.   $ 1,028,000
CFSAN - Dauphin Island, AL; Laurel, MD. — Miscellaneous Repair and Improvement.   $    803,000
NCTR - Jefferson, AR. - Miscellaneous Repair and Improvement.   $ 2,769,000
CDRH - Rockville, Maryland — Decommissioning of Laboratories 350,000


Status Of Major Field Lab Projects


Arkansas Regional Laboratory (ARL)

As a part of FDA's plan to restructure its eighteen field laboratories, ARL is one of five multi-disciplined laboratories and will provide laboratory support for a seventeen statewide area and for the U.S-Mexican border stretching from Otay Mesa, California to Brownsville, Texas.  The ARL provides analytical support in chemistry and microbiology. The ARL scientists are testing products regulated by the FDA to ensure compliance with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, which will include products produced in the U.S. and imported. 


ARL - Laboratory Facility Status

A building dedication ceremony for Phases I & II, the laboratory portion, was held on February 17, 2000. ORA began occupying the laboratory facility in June 2000.  The laboratory building is now fully operational. 


ARL - Building 50 renovation (Phase III)

Construction on the fit-out of Building 50, floors six and seven (Phase III) was completed and occupied in February 2005.  Funding was provided in the FY 2006 appropriation to complete the fit-out of the remaining floors of Building 50 and complete the project. 


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