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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

About FDA

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DHHS Charges and Assessments

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Department of Health and Human Services
Food and Drug Administration
Fiscal Year 2005


DHHS Charges and Assessments
FY 2003 Actual, FY 2004, and FY 2005 Estimates


Activity FY 2003
FY 2004
FY 2005
DHHS ASSESSMENTS 1/ $605,768 $650,000 $650,000
FEE FOR SERVICE $48,911,000 $54,218,000 $55,730,000
Program Support Center/FOH/OS $36,154,000 $40,054,000 $40,740,000
NIH Management Fund $12,354,000 $13,761,000 $14,587,000
NIH Patents $403,000 $403,000 $403,000
JOINTLY FUNDED PROJECTS $12,995,748 $26,857,000 $30,954,000
Enterprise Information Management $7,120,100 $9,000,000 $9,000,000
Unified Financial Management System $3,842,660 $5,269,000 $5,269,000
Human Resources Consolidation Costs 2/ $0 $10,488,000 $14,585,000
Other Jointly Funded Projects1/ 3/ $2,032,988 $2,100,000 $2,100,000
Total $62,512,516 $81,725,000 $87,334,000
1/ FY 2004 and FY 2005 are FDA estimates based on historical charges and assessments.
2/ Human Resources estimate is effective on 01/25/04.
3/ All Jointly Funded Projects under $1,000,000 are included in this line.


Department of Health and Human Services
Charges and Assessments Fiscal Year 2003



Quality of Worklife Initiative $187,539

The Quality of Work Life (QWL) Initiative supports the Work/Life Center at HHS headquarters; the QWL Internet site on the HHS Home Page; an annual survey of HHS employees; the Department-wide Conference on Diversity and the Secretary’s Conference on Family-Friendly Work Practices; activities of the HHS Union-Management Partnership Council; and, consultation and skills training to human resource management professional and change agents throughout HHS.

Safety Management Information System $1,958

The Safety Management Information System is a Department-wide accident and injury reporting and analysis system which enables HHS to verify the accuracy of Worker’s Compensation claims charged by the Department of Labor (DOL). It also assists in accident prevention efforts required by DOL and Executive Order 12196, and identifies deficiencies in HHS’ accident prevention program.

Safety, Health, and Environmental Programs $6,644

The Safety, Health, and Environmental Program enables the Department to continue conducting safety and occupational health program evaluations and environmental compliance assessments necessary to ensure that HHS employee have a safe and healthful working environment as required by statute.

Energy Program Review $7,960

The Energy Program Review funds a private contractor to evaluate the status of Operating Division energy conservation programs, and update existing policies to ensure Departmental compliance with Federal laws and regulations.

HHS Health and Wellness Center $764

The HHS Health and Wellness Center funds are used to provide a portion of the ongoing operating costs of a health facility which promotes physical fitness for all HHS employees in the Southwest Complex.

IT Access for the Disabled $20,983

These funds ensure that HHS complies with the requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments. A baseline of current compliance and vulnerabilities is being established; governance rules for Section 508 are being developed; and, a comprehensive program is being implemented which should become a part of the HHS infrastructure in the same manner that EEO requirements and programs have.

Media Outreach $5,625

These funds are used to expand the production and distribution of (1) pubic service announcements and video news reports for air time on TV and radio, including in Spanish, and (2) media fact books and health care kits directed to disadvantaged and minority audiences.

White House Initiatives on AAPI $70,000

To support the activities to improve the quality of life of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders through participation in Federal programs.

Presidents Council on Bioethics $295,000

To fund the council which advises the President on Bioethical issues related to the advances in biomedical science and technology.

National Rural Development Partnership $9,295

These monies fund HHS’ participation in the National Rural Development Partnership, which is managed by USDA’s Rural Development Administration, and involves all Cabinet Departments except State and Justice. Under this initiative, over 40 States have developed State Rural Development Councils to support rural development, based on the principles of cooperation between Federal, State, and local governments.




Provides various services to the FDA. The following is a breakdown of costs.


Human Resources, Personnel and Payroll: $8,400,000
Administrative Operations Service: $25,479,000
Security 9,600,000
Building Operations 5,500,000
Transhare 1,051,000
Telecom 5,175,000
Library 1,356,000
Misc. – i.e. Product Distribution, Shipping & Handling, Shredding, Storage, Graphics, and Conference Center 2,797,000
Financial Management Services: $421,000
Office of the Director (OD): $41,000
Employee related programs and Childcare. OD will include IT services in FY 04 and FY 05.
Office of Secretary (OS): $634,000
Includes costs for Regional Health Administration, Audit Resolution, Contracts and Grants and Tracking Accounting in Government Grants. OS will include a portion of Commissioned Corp. Management costs in FY 04 and FY 05.
FOH: $1,179,000
FDA agency health units and services.  


NIH Management Fund $12,354,000

Agreement to support the Center for Biologics, Evaluation and Research activities on the NIH Campus. Includes Building Operations, Telecom, Utilities and various common services.

NIH Patents $403,000

Agreement with NIH for support developing patent applications for FDA.




Office of Public Health/Blood Safety $480,000

Agreement to provide funding for the advisory committee on Blood Safety. FDA uses this committee to gain public science advice on blood safety.

Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS $65,050

FDA and other public health service agencies jointly fund this council.

Spectrum Management Cost $5,199

Support for spectrum management services provided by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). NTIA manages the Federal Government’s use of the radio spectrum.

OPM Job Information Federal Assessment $20,895

OPM charges fees to Federal Agencies to cover costs associated with maintenance and enhancement to the USAJOBS website, outreach initiatives regarding public service through print ads and other materials.

Federal Laboratory Consortium Costs $11,432

Annual support of The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

and the Federal Laboratory Consortium.

Tri-Council Activities $95,309

Funds support government-wide financial, information technology, procurement and other management activities.

Bilateral Agreement $973,685

Agreement to provide funding in support of the Bilateral/Multilateral activities, including logistical support for exchange visits of ranking policy level officials and scientists, performed on behalf of the Public Health Service by the Office of Global Health Affairs.

Office of Pacific Health and Human Services $16,800

Agreement to support funding for health activities in support of the Office of Pacific Health and Human Services.

Public Health Reports $57,000

Agreement to support funding to produce the Public Health Reports publications, the official scientific/medical/public health journal of the Public Services.

NIH/Office of Logistics and Acquisitions Operations $4,610

Agreement to support funding for FDA’s portion of the cost of the enabler for the reverse auction for paper.

National Health Museum $250,000

An agreement with the National Health/Science Museum to support achievement of FDA’s goals relating to Empowering Customers: Improving Health Through Better Information.

Enterprise IT Effort  $7,120,100

These funds are used for joint efforts that improve FDA’s information Technology Enterprise Infrastructure. This includes projects outlined in the Enterprise Information Technology Strategic Plan, and others such as enterprise purchasing licenses that reduce costs through bulk purchases.

Unified Financial Management Systems (UFMS) $3,842,660

Interagency agreement finances the replacement of FDA’s aging financial management system, including FDA’s share of design, planning and implementation costs.

Motor Vehicle Information & Management $10,000

Agreement to support the MVIMS which generates reports on federal agency vehicle fleet expenditures.

IT Internships with NAFEO $43,008

IAG with DHHS, Office of Minority Health, to provide support for internships with the National Assocn of Equal Opportunity in Higher Education (NAFEO) through a cooperative agreement.


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