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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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Extramural Research Funding by State and Recipient for FY 2003

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Department of Health and Human Services
Food and Drug Administration
Fiscal Year 2005



Extramural Grant Research — FY 2003


AL University of Alabama Assessment of Chronic GBS Improvement with use of 4-AP $195,408
AR Biokinetic Controls, Inc. Ensuring Food Safety for Ready-to-Eat Deli Products $100,000
AR Biokinetic Controls, Inc. Ensuring Food Safety for Ready-to-Eat Deli Products $100,000
AZ Arizona Department of Agriculture Arizona Food Safety Task Force Meetings $2,632
AZ University of Arizona Role of Irrigation Methods on Microbial Food Safety $177,514
AZ University of Arizona Clinical Trial of Scorpion Antivenom (US and Mexico) $285,400
CA Children's Hospital Medical Center Arginine Therapy for Acute Chest Syndrome in Sickle Cell $308,143
CA Chromadex, Inc. Rapid Screening of Foods for Toxins by TLC-Bioluminescence $512,095
CA County of Orange Health Care Agency Traditional Foods Project - A collaborative approach to ensuring safe food handling in the Vietnamese community $44,920
CA FeRx, Inc. MTC-DOX in Subjects with HCC $300,000
CA Neurochem, Inc. Safety & Efficacy of NC-503 in Secondary Amyloidosis $297,874
CA University of California Immune Monitor for COG Trial of Anti-GD2 in Neuroblastoma $262,369
CA University of Southern California Novel Adjuvants for Peptide-Based Melanoma Vaccines $380,155
DC Children's Research Institute Phase I Study of Pirfenidone in Children with PNS in NF1 $185,816
DC National Academy of Sciences Nutrient Requirements of Domestic Animals and Critical Roles of Animal Nutrition $20,000
DC Naval Research Laboratory Multi-Analyte Array Sensor for Food-Borne Contaminants $153,000
DC Naval Research Laboratory Rapid Food Screening $570,600
FL University of Florida Prevention of Dichloroacetate Toxicity $426,657
GA Inhibitex, Inc. Veronate for Staph Prophylaxis in Neonates $300,000
GA University of Georgia Research Foundation Development of Waveguide Immunoassay for Yersinia Pestis $600,000
IA Iowa State University Veterinary Antimicrobial Decision Support System (VADS) $249,108
IA University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics OK-432 Sclerotherapy - A Multicenter Trial $265,800
IL Illinois Institute of Technology National Center for Food Safety and Technology $3,000,000
IL Institute of Food Technologists Risk-Ranking Framework to Evaluate Potential High Threat Microorganisms $180,462
IN Indiana Univeristy Indiana University Clinical Pharmacology $200,000
KY Phoenix Pharmacologics, Inc. Phase I Testing of Unicase-PEG 20 $73,346
KY Phoenix Pharmacologics, Inc. Phase II Testing of ADI-PEG 20 in Hepatocellular Carcinoma $300,000
MA Children's Hospital Clotrimazole Enemas for Pouchitis in Childrens and Adults $212,265
MA Holles Laboratories, Inc. Topical DEHYDREX in Treating Recurrent Corneal Erosion $250,000
MA Massachusetts General Hospital TheraDerm Administration in Women with Hypopituitarism $471,088
MA Trustees of Boston University Erythropoiesis and Pulse Arginine Buytrate in sickle Cell Disease $453,578
MD EntreMed, Inc. Recombinant Human Endostatin in Patient with Neuroendocrine $300,000
MD Johns Hopkins University Phase II Trial of Moxifloxacin for TB $408,201
MD Spectral Dimensions High-throughput Inspection of Drugs by NIR Spectroscopy $99,500
MD University of Maryland, College Park Cooperative Agreement to Support the Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition $2,280,000
MI Michigan State University Transfer Coefficients for Listeria Cross-Contamination $150,835
MI University of Michigan MIBG plus Intensive Chemotherapy for Neroblastoma $889
MI University of Michigan Safety and Efficacy of Recombinant Human Keratinocyte Growth Factor (rHUKGF) in Unrelated/Related Transplants $222,644
MI University of Michigan Treatment of Graft-vs.-Host Disease Using Enbrel $228,016
MI University of Michigan Phase III Study of tetrathiomolybdate Does Regimen in Initial Neurological Wilson's Disease $255,498
MI University of Michigan Phase III Trial of Tgetrthiomolybdate I Initial Hepatic Wilson's Disease $257,257
MN Mayo Clinic Rochester Giant Cell Myocarditis Treatment Trial Pilot Study $207,931
MO Children's Mercy Hospital and Clinics Hydroxychloroquine for Grant-vs.-Host Disease $8,858
MS University of Mississippi Botnical Dietary Supplements: Science-Base for Authentication $832,557
MS University of Mississippi Botnical Dietary Supplements: Science-Base for Authentication $564,156
MX Fundacion Mexicana Para la Salud Susceptibility of Foodborne Pathogens from Humans, Food and Animals $3,000
MX Fundacion Mexicana para la Salud Susceptibility of Foodborne Pathogens from Humans, Food and Animals $549,201
NC Duke University Medical Center Trial of Mycophenolate Mofetil in Myasthenia Gravis $413,559
NC North Carolina State University Degradation of Prions: Yeast Prion as Surrogate Protein $89,211
ND Dakota Technologies, Inc. Fecal Contimination Sensor using Fluorescent Liposomes $95,516
NJ University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Pilot Study of Aminiopterin for Patients with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia $245,475
NM New Mexico State University Improving Safety of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables - Design Contest $101,308
NY Cornell University Rapid Immunoassay Silver Amplification Test $546,470
NY Cornell University Development of PCR Device for Pathogen Detection $599,954
NY Esensors, Inc. Patient Dose Tracking System for Fluoroscopic Procedures $339,110
NY Mount Sinai School of Medicine Fluoxetine vs. Placebo in Adult Autistic Disorder $339,568
NY Mt. Sinai School of Medicine Renegal in the Treatment of PXE $381,404
NY New York University School of Medicine Interaperitoneal Floxuridine in Gastric Carcinoma $207,315
NY Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Res. Risk-adapted Therapy for AL Amyloidosis $202,142
NY Trustees of Columbia University Treatment of Male Osteoporosis with Parathyroid Hormone $317,449
OH Case Western Reserve University Restoration of Hand-Arm Function with Neuroprosthese $227,554
OH Children's Hospital Med. Center Triptorelin for Ovary Protection in Childhood Lupus $447,000
OH Children's Hospital Medical Center Anti-IL-5 for Hypereosinophilia $215,789
OH Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Trial of Alendronate Disodium in Pediatric Gaucher Disease $375,491
OH University of Cincinnati Cultured Skin Substitutes for Closure of Burn Wounds $370,845
PA Agentase LLC Biocatalytic Polymer Indicators of Fish Freshness $97,924
PA Pennsylvania State University Treatment of Advanced Pancreatic Cancer with Opioid Growth Factor $350,785
Peru Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia Comparison of 2 Lengths of Albendazole Therapy for Subarachnoid $299,593
SC Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference Shellfish Safety Assistance Project $325,000
SC Medical University of South Carolina Phase II Study of Alendronate in Juvenile Osteoporosis $325,865
TN Tennessee State University Protein Markers for Verifying Inactivation of TSE Agents $159,518
TN Vanderbilt University Medical Center Inhibition of NF-kB Signaling in Melanoma Therapy $226,500
TX University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Clofarabine in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia $220,968
TX University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Phase II Clinical/Pharmacodynamic Investigation of Clofarabine $2,231
TX University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Clinical and Pharmacodynamic Investigation of Clofarabine in Leukemias $334,688
TX University of Texas Medical Branch Database Approach for Predictio of Food Allergenicity $246,281
WA Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center Triostat in Children During CPB $388,757
WA University of Washington Treatment of Tyrosinemia-1 with NTBC $219,829
WA University of Washington Optical Biosensor Technology for Food Safety $199,404
WI University of Wisconsin Heat Treatment of Bacterial Spores in Dairy Products $58,538
WI University of Wisconsin Heat Treatment of Bacterial Spores in Dairy Products $138,985
   Grand Total $26,356,799


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