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The Results: High Likelihood 10-Year Technology Areas and Product Groups (Table 2)

Ultimately, the 24 Technology Areas and 91 Specific Product Groups were filtered to select those which:

  • received high likelihood scores in the numerical ratings,
  • were corroborated by multiple participants in the numerical ratings and interviews, and
  • received general acceptance from the workshop participants. 
These high-likelihood products and technologies are identified in Table 2 below. [For details of the analysis, see the full report.]


Table 2: High Likelihood 10-Year Technology Areas and Product Groups

Computerized devices and medical IT systems
  • Integrated electronic patient medical records
  • Computer-assisted diagnostic systems
  • Internet-based medical device systems
  • Virtual reality systems for immersive training and other applications
  • Networks and systems of devices
Robotic products and systems
  • Robotic surgical systems
  • Robotic prosthetics
Wireless products and systems
  • Advanced radiofrequency identification (RFID) systems
Artificial organs and organ-assistive products
  • Tissue engineered products
  • Neuro-sensory devices
  • Glucose monitoring products
  • Electrostimulation products
  • New types of insulin pumps and delivery systems
  • Advanced prosthetic limbs
  • New types of stents
  • Joint replacements
Combination device and drug/biological products
  • New (non-eluting) drug delivery systems
Imaging devices and systems
  • Image-guided therapy systems
  • Advanced ultrasound imaging systems
  • Advanced optical imaging systems
  • Advanced magnetic resonance (MR) imaging systems
Photonic products
  • Optical diagnostic products
  • Optical therapeutic devices
Minimally invasive therapeutic products
  • Minimally invasive implants (e.g., percutaneous or natural orifice delivery)
  • Minimally invasive radiotherapy systems
Home- and self-care products
  • New types of home sensors
  • Smart homes
Aging-related products
Genomic, proteomic, metabolomic, and epigenomic technologies
  • Genetic diagnostic products
Sensor technologies
  • New sensors
Patient monitoring systems
  • Remote patient monitoring systems
  • Point-of-care products
  • MEMS/MOTES devices