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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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FY 2007 and 2006 ODE Annual Report - Appendix D - ODE Organization Chart

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OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR Director: Donna-Bea Tillman, Ph.D. Deputy Director Clinical: Barbara Buch, M.D. (Acting). Deputy Director Engineering & Science Review: Ashley Boam (Acting). Associate Director Clinical: Barbara Buch, M.D. (Acting). Deputy Director Engineering & Science Review: Ashley Boam (Acting). Associate Director: Robert Gatling (Acting). Integrity Officer: Carl DeMarco, J.D. Advisory Panel Coordinator: Geretta Wood. PROGRAM OPERATIONS STAFF (POS). Director: Heather Rosecrans (Acting). PMA Section: Samie Allen (Acting). IDE Section: Stephen Rhodes. 510(K) Section: Majorie Shulman (Acting). PROGRAM MANAGEMENT OFFICE (PMO). Director: Kathryn Appler. Deputy Director: Lesa Dowtin. DIVISION OF CARDIOVASCULAR DEVICES (DCD). Director: Bram Zuckerman, M.D.. Deputy Director l: Donna Lochner. Deputy Director ll: Barbara Zimmerman. Associate Director, Guidance & Policy: Arthur Ciarkowski. Pacing, Defibrillator, And Leads Branch: Mitchell Shein (Acting). Cardiac Electrophysiology And Monitoring Devices Branch: Elias Mallis. Interventional Cardiology Devices Branch: Angela Smith (Acting). Circulatory Support & Prosthetic Devices Branch: Matthew Hillebrenner. Peripheral Vascular Devices Branch: David Buckles, Ph.D.. DIVISION OF REPRODUCTIVE, ABDOMINAL, AND RADIOLOGICAL DEVICES (DRARD). Director: Nancy Brogdon. Clinical Deputy Director: Herbert Lerner, M.D.. Scientific Deputy Director: Joyce Whang, Ph.D.. Obstetrics/Gynecology Devices Branch: Colin Pollard. Urology & Lithotripsy Devices Branch: James Seiler (Acting). Gastroenterology & Renal Devices Branch: Carolyn Neuland, Ph.D.. Radiological Devices Branch: Anastacia Bilek. DIVISION OF OPHTHALMIC AND EAR, NOSE, AND THROAT DEVICES (DOED). Director: Malvina Eydelman, M.D.. Deputy Director: Everette Beers, Ph.D.. Associate Director: Deborah Falls. Vitreoretinal & Extraocular Devices Branch: Quynh Hoang (Acting). Diagnostic & Surgical Devices Branch: Kwame Ulmer. Intraocular & Corneal Implants Branch: Kesia Alexander, Ph.D.. Ear, Nose, & Throat Devices Branch: Eric A. Mann, M.D., Ph.D.. DIVISION OF GENERAL, RESTORATIVE, AND NEUROLOGICAL DEVICES (DGRND). Director: Mark Melkerson. Deputy Director I: Neil Ogden (Acting) . Deputy Director II: Peter Rumm, M.D.. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Devices Branch: David Krause, Ph.D.. General Surgery Devices Branch: Tina Kiang (Acting). Orthopedic Joint Devices Branch: Jonette Foy, Ph.D.. Orthopedic Spine Devices Branch: Theodore Stevens. Restorative Devices Branch: Laurence Coyne, Ph.D.. DIVISION OF ANESTHESIOLOGY, GENERAL HOSPITAL, INFECTION CONTROL, AND DENTAL DEVICES (DAGID). Director: Chiu Lin, Ph.D.. Deputy Director: Ginette Michaud, M.D.. Anesthesiology & Respiratory Devices Branch: Michael Husband. General Hospital Devices Branch: Anthony Watson. Infection Control Devices Branch: Sheila Murphey, M.D.. Dental Devices Branch: M. Susan Runner, D.D.S.