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Publications and Presentations for Laboratory of Fluid Dynamics

  • Lu Q and Malinauskas RA. Comparison of two platelet activation markers using flow cytometry after in vitro shear stress exposure of whole human blood. Artificial Organs [accepted for publication].
  • Malinauskas RA. Computational Fluid Dynamics in the Evaluation of Medical Devices: FDA's Critical Path Initiative. American Society for Artificial Internal Organs (ASAIO), Dallas, Texas, May 28-30, 2009
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  • Silwa J, Hariharan P, Robinson RA, Myer MR, Maruvada S, Banerjee RK, Harris GR. Optical Techniques and System for 3-D Characterization of Ultrasound Beams. Patent, no: US 7600410B2, October 2009. [Patent]
  • Wu C, Retta S, Robinson R, Herman B and Grossman L. A Novel Study of Mechanical Heart Valve Cavitation in a Pressurized Pulsatile Duplicator. ASAIO Journal, 55:445-451, 2009.
  • Giridhar, MS Thesis HIFU Characterization using IR thermography imaging, The University of Cincinnati, August 2009 Malinauskas RA. Identifying post-pump tubing kinks based on the blood circuit pressures during hemodialysis: An investigation of hemolysis in five patients. Hemodialysis International 12(3):283-293, 2008.
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