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Communicating with Stakeholders

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2011 Annual Report

To accomplish its goals, CVM must communicate with its stakeholders: animal drug and feed companies, veterinarians, livestock producers, consumers, and pet owners. We do this in a variety of ways that include answering media and public inquiries, reviewing and revising documents for external stakeholders, and adding and revising Web pages for many different purposes, such as the CVM Animal Health Literacy Initiative. Highlights of some of the FY 2011 accomplishments follow.


Challenges and Accomplishments

Exhibit Program

In 2011 CVM’s Exhibit Program traveled to more than a dozen different tradeshows attended by more than half a million people. We started out the year by exhibiting at the World Dairy Expo and sharing information with food producers, then ended the year with consumers at the American Association of Retired People (known as AARP). CVM’s exhibit program collaborates with other CVM offices, including the Office of New Animal Drug Evaluation and the Office of Surveillance and Compliance, to communicate more efficiently with the public. Our exhibit staff reaches out to different public audiences, including industry representatives, veterinarians, educators, and consumers, in order to share information of both local and global importance.



Web Site Enhancements

We continued working during the fiscal year to improve our Web site. We reviewed and updated content, redesigned pages to reduce the number of clicks, and consolidated content. Examples of revisions include the “Adverse Drug Experience” page and the “Animal Health Literacy” page. We also improved our methods for posting multiple page/multimedia documents (for example, “Pill Bottle Pete”). We continue to work behind the scenes to declutter the pages, improve the search capability, and improve navigation so our users have the best possible experience.


Dr. Carmen Stamper  reads to a group at Bring Your Child to Work Day event.


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