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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

About FDA

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Instructions for "Regulatory Research Perspectives" Authors


Articles published on this Web site represent the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Food and Drug Administration.


The corresponding author accepts responsibility that all listed authors have seen and approved the manuscript and its contents and have approved the submission to Regulatory Research Perspectives: Impact on Public Health.


Manuscripts should be submitted in hardcopy (2 copies) and also electronic format as Microsoft Word documents. The manuscript should be clearly typed in English with pages numbered consecutively on 8.5" x 11" paper with 1" margins. Electronic media should be clearly marked with the author and title of the manuscript and software version used.

Font size

Calibri 12 pt or Arial 12 pt is acceptable for the manuscripts and figure legends. Table fonts can be a smaller font size.

Section Headings

Abstract, Introduction, Pertinent Sub-Headings, Summary, Acknowledgements, References, Tables, Figures, Glossary, Short Authors’ Biographies (pertinent to the particular manuscript being submitted)

Tables and Figures

Tables and figures should be numbered (for example: Table 1, Figure 1) and should be displayed as a separate page in the document. Figure legends (which should briefly describe the data shown) should be given on a separate sheet. Microsoft PowerPoint is acceptable for both tables and figures. In both tables and figures, all labeling must be clear, and scaling must be in the proper proportion to be legible when reduced.

Graphics and Images

Graphical Interchange Format (GIF) and JPEG image files are acceptable. Microsoft PowerPoint is also acceptable.


Acknowledgements should come before the References. Funding information may also be included here.


Number references in the order of their first mention in the text. They should include authors’ names, year published, manuscript title, publisher’s name and place of publication, and should be numbered sequentially in order of reference in manuscript.

Reference Example
  • Witte, W. 1998. Medical consequences of antibiotic use in agriculture. Science 279:996-997.
  • Levy, S.B. 1992. The antibiotic paradox. How miracle drugs are destroying the miracle. Plenum Publishing Corporation, NY.
  • WHO (World Health Organization). 1998. Use of quinolones in food animals and potential impact on human health: report of a WHO meeting, Geneva, Switzerland, June 2-5, 1998.
  • Parshikov, I.A., Freeman, J.P., Lay, J.O., Moody, J.D., Williams, A.J., Beger, R.D., and Sutherland, J.B. 2001. Metabolism of the veterinary fluoroquinolone sarafloxacin by the fungus Mucor ramannianus. J. Ind. Microbiol. Biotechnol. (In press).
Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts should be submitted to one of the following editorial board members, preferably the representative from your Center.


Regulatory Research Perspectives Editorial Board
  • Norris Alderson, Ph.D., Office of the Commissioner (OC); (e-mail: nalderson@oc.fda.gov)
  • Daniel A. Casciano, Ph.D., (Director Emeritus) National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR) ; (e-mail: dcasciano@sbcglobal.net)
  • Edward E. Max, Ph.D., Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER); (e-mail: max@cber.fda.gov)
  • Michael C. Olson, Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA); (e-mail: molson@orahq.ora.fda.gov)
  • William Slikker, Jr., Ph.D., National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR); (e-mail: william.slikker@fda.hhs.gov)
  • Mary S. Wolfe, Ph.D., National Institutes of Health (NIH); (e-mail: mary.wolfe@nih.hhs.gov)
  • Linda D. Youngman, Ph.D., Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM); (e-mail: lyoungman@cvm.fda.gov)
  • Hal Zenick, Ph.D., Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); (e-mail: Zenick.Hal@epamail.epa.gov)
Editorial Matters

DHHS/FDA/Jefferson labs
National Center for Toxicological Research
3900 NCTR Road, HFT-1
Jefferson, Arkansas 72079-9502
Telephone: (870)543-7516
Web site: www.fda.gov/nctr

Address for editorial matters noted above. Articles may be republished without permission. Credit to Regulatory Research Perspectives as the source is appreciated. 

Editor: Thomas J. Flammang, Ph.D. (e-mail: thomas.flammang@fda.hhs.gov) 
Managing Editor/Layout/Photography: Virginia B. Taylor (e-mail: virginia.taylor@fda.hhs.gov).