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Current Highlight from January 16, 2014

Correlation of Biomarkers Between Microarrays and RNA-Seq

As part of the FDA-led SEQC project, NCTR scientists and collaborators evaluated the transferability of predictive models and signature genes between microarray and RNA-Seq data.  The study demonstrated that signature genes from predictive models are reciprocally transferable between microarray and RNA-Seq data and that models developed from microarray data could be directly used to predict RNA-Seq-profiled samples.  Although models derived from RNA-Seq data could also be used to predict microarray-profiled samples, this was more difficult and less accurate; potentially due to the higher sensitivity of RNA-Seq.  The results support the continued usefulness of the abundant legacy microarray data, established microarray biomarkers, and predictive models in the RNA-Seq era.  A manuscript describing the study is available online at Genome Biologydisclaimer icon.

For additional information, please contact Weida Tong, Ph.D, Director, Division of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, FDA/NCTR.


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