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Date Brand Name Product Description Reason/ Problem Company Recall Type
12/28/2016 Duravet   Duramycin-10 Soluble Powder   Stability Failure Huvepharma, Inc 208, 183
11/29/2016 Megajex   Male Sex Enhancer Dietary Supplement   Unapproved new drug MS Bionic, Inc 208, 512, 54, 42
11/24/2016 CVS and Kids Relief   Homeopathic products   Misdeclared Belladonna extract levels Raritan Pharmaceuticals 454, 208, 220
11/18/2016 Cantrell Drug Company   Sterile drug products   Concern for Lack of Sterility Assurance Cantrell Drug Company 208, 36, 42
11/18/2016 Tri-Coast Pharmacy Inc.   Sterile drug products   Concern for lack of sterility assurance Tri-Coast Pharmacy Inc. 208, 36, 42

The list above provides information gathered from press releases and other public notices about certain recalls of FDA-regulated products.

Press releases issued more than 60 days ago are accessible in the Recall and Safety Alerts Archive. For more safety information in a specific product area, please visit the links below.

Recalls of raw (fresh and fresh frozen) oysters, clams, mussels, and whole and roe-on scallops See Disclaimer page regarding links to external sites
The safety of these products is ensured by the Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference (ISSC), which consists of federal, state, and industry partners who administer the National Shellfish Sanitation Program (NSSP).